Classic Game Room – MACH RIDER review for NES

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  1. john doe says:

    i will never EVER get this familiar tune out of my head, as a kid me and a
    friend of mine spent hours playing this game “despite rarely ever seeing
    past the first track” it will always be one of my number one favorite nes
    games of all time just for the sheer amount of nostalgic memories i have of
    it, what a classic!
    i would give anything to see a remake or a sequel.

  2. Artproductions2010 says:

    man, this reminds me of that pizza delivery job mission from no more heroes

  3. Rogue Dk says:

    Knight Rider was not a Trans Am, it was a vette.

  4. wariodude128 says:

    Actually, a motorcycle that talks to you would be called Heat Vision and
    Jack. A show that only had one episode, the pilot, made. With Owen Wilson
    as the voice of the motorcycle.

  5. jupreindeer says:

    Ambitious for it’s day, all right. Sadly, it’s plot rivals that of
    Battlefield Earth. See, your mission is to seek out survivors in a
    futuristic, devastated Earth…AFTER the superior aliens invaded and
    destroyed Humanity. Now, you are desperately trying to find anyone else
    alive while fighting off aliens that ride around on ATV’s upon the
    remaining rural and booby trapped road structure.

  6. Antnj81 says:


    …he just wanted to give a shout-out :'(

  7. Marcos Valverde says:

    I love this game!

  8. Ruko Michiharu says:

    And when are you gonna review that ZX spectrum??

  9. Invader TAK says:

    I want to say the Wii Virtual Console version of this and Excitebike
    restored the save feature, but don’t quote me on that.

  10. Michael Sriqui says:

    In japan Nintendo released a Famicom Tape Deck which let you save you
    levels from mach rider and excite bike on cassette tapes

  11. AmazinChannel says:

    this game makes part of my childhood

  12. TheDeeplyCynical says:

    That is one scabby looking cartridge – dude clean them before you present

  13. Chris Reed says:

    Apparently I’m banished from Earth Classic Game Room broadcast… I guess
    I’ll try the Uranus Classic Game Room broadcast.

  14. P0k3rm4s7 says:

    I have the Famicom version of this game and I love the music, graphics and
    everything, but the game is just to hard to be enjoyed for me 🙁 

  15. Simon Belmont says:

    who ells remembers the music from Captain Falcon stage is smash bros

  16. Cipher TheDemonLord says:

    Warrior of the Lost World

  17. Commodorefan64 says:

    Not a bad game, for an early NES title, but man the western release sure
    could of used a battery backup feature for saving the tracks you made. 

  18. TheDragonDAFan says:

    I don’t know why but I’d like to see a reimagined Mach Rider.

  19. spiff2268 says:

    No, if the motorcycle could talk it would be “Warrior of the Lost World”. 

  20. maxellnormalbias says:

    Under 301, and you *haven’t* reviewed this yet?

  21. PotbellyPunch says:

    I wonder if they thought of this as “the hang-on killer”

  22. Bhows51 says:

    Youtube content ID match: Youtube….Error…IRQ Not Less or Equal,
    terminate all services and servers, and initiate self destruction.

  23. Thomas Adams says:

    I always like CGR reviews. They always have a happy mood to it that even if
    the game is bad, you can always laugh along. CGR is the best reviewer I

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