BMW R1200RT 2014 launch test review

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16 Responses

  1. Rodney B Jennings says:

    If you talk to the guys that own these most say they are very unreliable in
    the long run.

  2. locoslair says:

    Great review Thanks!

  3. Mitchel Spanjer says:

    Good review thank you very helpful 

  4. Ken Merrick says:

    My local BMW dealer should thank you. Good concise summary of the the bike
    and options. After much debate, I watched your video and decided to get
    one. So far I only rode it home from the dealership and got stuck in stop
    and go traffic, but I love it already. As you said, great balance and
    agile. In many ways it is easier to handle and ride than my 2013 BMW F700GS
    that a reluctantly traded in. 

  5. Pepe Oliver says:

    Tanks you for the review. Good bike and upgrade for R1200RT.
    BUT: Awesome UGLY front is really UGLY, not love it.
    Front vulture-type like K1600GT. Really not like it
    I have owned 8 BMW since my first R90S (I am older)
    Sure i not purchase it.
    I am a fan of BMW and i am desolate.

  6. D Ebelt says:

    Ive had a love affair with the boxer for quite some time. I ride a Concours
    14(GTR 1400) currently and love it. But love this bike as well. Hope to
    reward myself in retirement with one. 

  7. Dave Smith says:

    Getting this next year, love it. Tour across Canada. Great review. 

  8. c2mojo says:

    Excellent review. I have a K but this R might make me switch.

  9. TheMrProduce says:

    My previous ride is a 2008RT which I’d humbly thought was the finest all
    ’round bike I’d ever ridden. With the 2008 getting some long miles on it,
    I decided it was time to upgrade and put a down payment on the new RT.
    March 20th, I was the first customer to ride off my local dealer’s lot with
    this bike and, not having ridden it prior, I’m thrilled to say it has
    exceeded all possible expectations. Strong! Heavier but lighter. Nimble
    and quick. MORE comfortable. If even possible; a better fairing setup.
    More responsive… everything refined by leap years.
    Sadly the bike is on a hard recall right now due to sub-contracted ESA rear
    suspension. BMW is doing all they can to make things right, but right now,
    all I want is to ride this bike.

  10. poncho espinoza says:


  11. GrotrianSeiler says:

    Excellent review. Beautiful bike. Love it.

  12. John Rambo says:

    had previous 2007 one, rode lika a dream but it was always broken, electric
    problems all the time (even though milleage was small, 36kkm)

  13. sargschultz1 says:

    just bought one of these bad boys…awesome bikre

  14. Lee Polakoff says:

    Finally a review that doesn’t regurgitate absolutely everything we have
    already read or heard. Thank you for your proper review.

  15. Peter Hutchinson says:

    Great detailed comments. 

  16. Gary Hamill says:


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