2014 BMW R nineT bike review

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11 Responses

  1. kareemowski says:

    Mesut Özil.

  2. Chris Kurowicki says:

    Now, if only the dealerships would actually carry them. I’ve yet to see one
    in person. 

  3. John Mård says:

    I tried one and I must admit, it’s a fine bike! Any owner is a happy owner!

  4. BK RiDeR says:

    Its a hassle-free modern cafe racer. But i’m just not sure if its worth the
    the premium price. 

  5. MotoBHP - World's Motorcycle community says:

    2014 #BMW #RnineT

  6. Sale_Shark says:

    Nice Bike, but what’s the waiting list for one and price etc ?? !!

  7. Alejandro Codón says:

    What do you mean when you say not your choice a first bike but a second
    one? What would be your first choice for a bike? Just curious.

  8. Bark says:

    you’re making continuous mistakes when you specify the wheel size as the
    disc..many motorcycles videos have these mistakes..

  9. Jon Quirk says:

    It was a pleasure to meet Adam and the team at Untitled Motorcycles in
    London for our most recent bike video shoot. I was testing the +BMW Motorrad R
    nineT, a production bike that along with celebrating 90 years of BMW
    motorcycles, is trying to capture the same essence of simplicity that
    Untitled and other custom motorcycle shops around the world adhere to. It’s
    a simplicity that has resonated with a new generation of riders, one where
    huge power and electronic rider modes are substituted for cable throttles
    and character. And if bikes like this help get more people onto two wheels,
    then I for one am in.
    2014 BMW R nineT expert bike review

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