Salesman freaks on Superbike Star Jamie Whitham

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14 Responses

  1. Ian Stevenson says:

    I’ve never seen this before but that was so funny. Top marks to the bloke
    on the back. He’s a braver man than me. Jamie is my all time favourite
    racer and he’s just as good as a commentator these days.

  2. david Kerridge says:

    I love the way people genuinely feel it necessary to state it’s a sham Like
    for even a second we believed it was real come on people

  3. David Binns says:

    So funny.

  4. Peter vincent says:

    175 mph defo

  5. Peter vincent says:

    175 mph defo

  6. STEVEN twoCBR says:

    this video absolutely funny, it is nice sometimes to scary someone

  7. Max Maximov says:

    def 175km/h, not mph

  8. garth kbikes says:

    Of course its a spoof you numpty ,but fantastically funny.

  9. Mark Stelios says:

    It’s a sham, so makes unfunny because it is contrived!

  10. MrSisterfister100 says:

    He nearly fell off the back of the bike when the helmets chinstrap was
    strangling him lmao

  11. twowheeledRoadhog says:

    Fantastic, I never get tired of watching this, top bloke jamie whitham

  12. angelacolin17 says:

    this is such a set up but so funny…

  13. ivan blanton says:

    im laughing so hard right now

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