Ryan Villopoto Wins Finale – Las Vegas Supercross 2014

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14 Responses

  1. alpinestarslidar says:

    I love how these reporters always ask the Lame questions, “What is it
    that’s changed that’s made you so much faster all the sudden?” Well that’s
    easy he has no legit competition other than dungey and he knows he’s a puss
    and no where near aggressive enough to even dice with him, so he has no
    pressure he can just go out and ride. Sorry dumb blonde but that kinda
    answer’s itself.

  2. Motocross Thats why says:

    its called “don’t go on the internet”.

  3. Michael Howell says:

    +FOX Sports
    2014 +Monster Energy Supercross champion #ryanvillopoto
    #lasvegas #supercross 


    +FOX Sports
    2014 +Monster Energy Supercross champion #ryanvillopoto
    #lasvegas #supercross 

  5. Scott McKenzie says:

    Thanks for the spoiler, ASSHOLES

  6. nic155 says:

    250 Main: Ruined. 450 Main: Ruined. Shootout: Ruined. Not like i avoided
    the internet for the day for a reason. Thanks kids. 

  7. Patrick Starr says:

    you guys fucking suck, thanks for ruining it for me.

  8. MyJt7 says:

    Yea what a retarded title for a video, spoils the whole race, jack offs.

  9. gardbumoriginal says:

    Another race ruined!!!!!!!! Up yours fox!

  10. MrNickofWar says:

    That made me so mad. I wanted to see who won the race by watching the race
    not reading the title.

  11. Brady Sundheim says:

    Gad dammit Fox…. You spoiled the ending. I came to YouTube to watch the
    finale because I was unable to watch it last night and this video is the
    first one that came up.

  12. Eric VanLandingham says:

    You know what, stop posting the $#@!$ results on youtube! Some of us come
    here to watch the dang race!

  13. Steve Byrne says:

    lame to put results in headline

  14. georgedktm950 says:

    u mean another result went very good dude !!

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