Indianapolis 2014 – Honda OnBoard

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17 Responses

  1. pandu abadinata says:

    good job dude!

  2. Robt Bomba says:

    The Indianapolis circuit isn’t worthy of MotoGP, and it should be replaced
    with one that isn’t flat

  3. Irwan Bahar Budiyanto says:


  4. hntr177 says:

    Could you please mention which rider this is on every onboard video ?

  5. Felipe Montejo Barnes says:

    Honda 2014
    Circuito Indianápolis
    On board

  6. tiruetto says:

    è come una donna che non scende mai giù di giri!

  7. jmpicturefly says:

    circuit doesn’t look much fun to ride

  8. Steffen Makowski says:


  9. anthony cope says:

    Looks like they took turn 4 out of the race course they used to enter the
    main track about half way between turns 3 and 4 and it was a blind entry
    (red bull rider cup death was in the section u enter blind) now they enter
    in turn 4 right onto the front straight removing the short shoot and the
    blind entry

  10. ivan morales says:

    quien es el conductor??

  11. ritelite77 says:

    That’s some entry into T1…Marc @ his finest.

  12. lilreznaw says:

    Go Marquez, good luck!!!

  13. Mario Andres Fuertes R says:
  14. alejandro jose garcia says:

    Marc Marquez guys.

  15. Andre Porigon says:

    what time is the race?

  16. Alex Schaefer says:

    im not seeing much difference in the layout

  17. ItalianGeeK says:


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