Fast Bikes – Sports Bike of the Year 2014

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25 Responses

  1. Lamb Chop Rides says:

    Great video and edit. Have a video myself of fagan test riding my blade
    beast. Search lamb chops fast bikes 🙂 

  2. bakerXderek says:

    aRRREEAALLLL clean edit

  3. CaptainCranky says:

    Beautiful! Bastard! Just beautiful :)

  4. Chris Issac says:

    Great work BaronVonGrumble.
    What’s the FPS on these shots?

  5. TheCcponyboy says:

    Much as I have to be controversial. Usual suspects. All excellent bikes but
    no RC8R or something different. Looked good.

  6. Christian Moeller says:

    What a fantastic edit Baron! Jizz, jizz everywhere!

  7. Bikers Quest says:


  8. crotchrocket says:

    Nice editing and tunes !! Looks like it was an amazing fun day!!!

  9. giff74 says:

    For those of us who can afford one bike at a time, which was the best

  10. YZFR125Rider says:

    Yet another awesome edit, however it would look much more professional if
    you did it in 16:9
    Keep up the good work!

  11. VlogifyTrey says:

    Great work Baron!

  12. niggettes says:

    Lagos is in Portugal ?

  13. SuperVulgarian says:

    Oh yeah, this will do… *unzips pants*

  14. mrsuperbuckets says:

    Shame they didn’t have the EBR 1190rx. I really love that bike and all it’s

  15. busa black says:

    It must be hard enough to ride fast around that track without have to wear
    a rucksack with a pole sticking out the back.
    Well done on the edit, very nice.

  16. Steve Light says:

    Awesome video as always man. quality stuff :D

  17. BaronVonGrumble says:

    Hmmm – no comments… can anyone else comment or is YouTube being.. well…

  18. Stijn Van Der Velde says:


  19. SpeedFreak says:

    Fast Bikes!

  20. HamSpamJamLamb says:

    Fuckin’ love this song.

  21. GrimmXD says:

    Feels like I’ve already seen this 😀 Glad I saw it again 

  22. hbomb9397 says:

    Amazing editing skills, keep up the good work baron!!!!!!

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