Best Battles of 2012: Valentino Rossi vs Casey Stoner in Le Mans

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25 Responses

  1. Zone Television says:

    Eerily this looks a lot like Marquez vs Rossi. 

  2. Velotrol daka says:

    Like Laguna Seca in 08 once more Rossi proves his resilience and superior

  3. Emanuele Peri says:

    Rossi 9 titles..shut up, he and giacomo agostini are the best

  4. TheNgilerman says:

    Just Rossi,,,, can win with Honda ON Ducati

  5. fkurself namechangingsht says:

    rossi is flying

  6. Estak Lorenzo says:

    if so why cant rossi cant take a single victory in ducati while stoner
    clinched the title in ducati

  7. Estak Lorenzo says:

    casey stoner is the best then any rider in motogp

  8. nomellocreampig says:

    I don’t even like doing the speed limit on my Harley when it’s wet. Takes
    balls to race like this in wet weather.

  9. Sir Steve says:

    Rossi is the best rider ever? Give me a break!!! Youre a bunch of kids who
    have never heard of Mike Hailwood. 

  10. Prashant Kumar says:

    If Ducati listen to rossi to make a good bike which suits his riding
    style he could win the championship with the Italian team..

  11. Vincent Rampon says:

    What is the Bike at 0:19 ??

  12. 2sx4u says:

    Are you sure that Stoner beat Rossi? Numbers don´t say that..

  13. thebeatle4life says:

    Can’t argue with that. Still, I will always be more of a Rossi and Lorenzo
    fan. Think it will be interesting now Yamaha have the seamless shift as
    Honda clearly seem the better bike. I’m also curious how Marquez will do in
    a wet race as he slides a lot, which can easily lead to falls in the wet.
    Will he race more cautiously or will he take the risk? Still has promise to
    be a very exciting end to the season. Sorry think I rambled on a bit then.

  14. Cris Beta says:

    Giacomo Agostini is the greatest of all time. Rossi is second to him.

  15. Giorgio Borsetti says:

    in 2006 Ducati had Bridgestone as dedicated tires, so in 2007.2006 they ran
    lean around corners to save fuel to be used on straights, if you know what
    lean means…in 2007 everybody used the same trick;2008 stoner got sick
    otherwise we could have seen a different championship. in 2010 Ducati was
    still winning races 2011-12 they never won since they revolutioned a bike
    FOLLOWING ROSSI’S REQUESTS. and they NEVER won again. Dovizioso is doing
    better than rossi last year…with the very same bike.

  16. Giorgio Borsetti says:

    very true, and probably having dedicated tires in 2007 helped ducati a lot
    in developing the bike…it’s just a shame that nobody sees that. they just
    see rossi as the fucking god on earth while STO won more than him in the
    same period of time.

  17. shoobiebetty says:

    un monument de la moto!!! merci Rossi.

  18. Aura SEMOA says:

    oh my god that ducatti sucks ass , of course this is his best result that
    year , the bike is rubbish.

  19. Francesco Marino says:

    A Rossi nobody can say anything! Both wet and dry conditions 🙂

  20. MrYZ69 says:

    You need to smoke a lot of drugs to think that rossi was better than stoner
    and that rossi is the best rider of all times. for his entire career rossi
    rode on the top motogp bikes (aside when he rode for ducati). Stoner
    destroyed every record of rossi while stoner rode on a ducati (most
    winnings in a season, most poles, world’s youngest champion..). for those
    who think stoner was crying, if any other rider had the health problems
    stoner had and still had they wouldn’t ride 100 cc bike.

  21. Isa Izi says:

    yes you’re right … but only stoner can beat rossi !! nowdays motogp not
    entertaining anymore … too much rules .. and there is not rivalities for
    first place

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