AMA Pro National Guard SuperBike FULL Race 2 Broadcast – Miller Motorsports Park – 2013

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25 Responses

  1. kenwu7 says:

    Nothing against a good rider, Hayes has talent and all – a lot but just sth
    about that guy rubs me the wrong way. And someone said it in race 1, Too
    much commentating. Danielle this Danielle that, over to you Danielle, lets
    see what Danielle thinks.
    How bout we watch the fckn race! Get the british boys over here who know
    how to commentate on a bike race and they are funny lol.

  2. kenwu7 says:

    Im starting to dislike Hayes, CBS is on his nuts. I mean he really does
    need to move over to WSBK and get it handed to him by the likes of Sykes,
    Melandri and Rea. He shoulda made the move years ago so Biaggi could have
    handed it to him too.

  3. joe jackson says:

    I thought it was a great race. Both Suzuki teams go above and beyond to
    prep there bikes. Great race. Would like to Roger win a few more races.
    Next year will be a new year.

  4. blooneyful says:

    Hayden rode like a champ!! Badass!! He deserved the win anyway……..Damn

  5. Mike Johnson says:

    A rare mistake by JH. I’m not a big fan because I think he should go over
    to WSBK (big fish in a small pond), but he earns his pole positions – gets
    great starts and usually is machine-like in his performances. Also he’s got
    an excellent team that prepares his bike well for every race.

  6. cott10r says:

    but where was hayes when mladin was racing?????????

  7. Kronx1970 says:

    I remember when Josh was a lanky kid in glasses tearing it up in WERA. Very
    cool kid and a great rider. Everyone knew back then he was headed for
    something great in the AMA.

  8. marine2ful says:

    Hayes should go to WSBK next year.

  9. 2cool0 says:

    yeah but i have to pay for it haha i don’t have it

  10. Josh Herrin says:

    They are on live. CBS Sports

  11. 2cool0 says:

    roger hayden would have definatly won if his tires weren’t so messed and
    had him sliding throughout most of the turns

  12. 2cool0 says:

    exactly!!!! they never show these on tv

  13. 2cool0 says:

    what channel do you get it in?!?!?! i never see it on cbs or anything

  14. p7272 says:

    She pushed it over…

  15. Mario Silva says:

    Hayden have very luke to guet the second spot,because if the mecanicle
    problem are 4 5 conners erly maybe 10 15 spot at the MAX.and for that dont
    have to be ungry,maybe Hayes have better reasons for that.sorry my english

  16. Mario Silva says:

    if you guys see in this second leg the Yamahas are a bit strugle to put the
    hamer down.but next race is a diferent story belive me.

  17. Mario Silva says:

    I bet whit sunbody Josh Hayes he will be the AMA World Champion this year.

  18. zone07 says:

    I’m so glad I’m finally able to catch these races. I have a difficult time
    finding them to record on my DVR.

  19. VRossi4Life says:

    Yeah I gotta agree. I mean I understand this is a new station and they
    haven’t really figured out how they’re going to structure their AMA
    broadcasts, but at least do your research. CBS could take a lesson from
    MotoGP, WSBK, or BSB, all of which have great announcers and solid

  20. Charles Young says:

    Roger lee rode the hell out of that bike . looking to see big things for
    the rest of the season . that was a good race .

  21. DepravedGamer says:

    Miguel Duhamel, Quebec STI!!

  22. csirdic says:

    # 54…R.L.H. Great riding. this race shows why I pull for him..

  23. gohorns2323 says:

    Hayes has had so many obstacles to over come this year. Great watching
    Hayden scraping to the very end til the unfortunate mechanical and the
    smooth style of Cardenas. Sweet track, makes for some great racing.

  24. Black8riders says:

    This every minute commentator… get a real job already…

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