2015 Ducati Diavel Carbon First Ride – MotoUSA

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20 Responses

  1. cheree4life says:

    Personally, I hate Ducati bikes. I feel that they are ugly and overrated;
    also overpriced.

  2. 7birchlane says:

    Love my Diavel Cromo! Almost flawless…

  3. dtapunk22 says:

    Great review. 

  4. hiyo6113 says:

    Ferrari at 2:53

  5. big boss says:

    how much does it cost ?

  6. bokuwaVegetadesu says:

    this bike has style well that is my opinion

  7. ThroughThisVisor says:

    That thing is an absolute monster. Completely unnecessary on public roads.
    . . . I’ll have one in Black please.

  8. tomiduplex says:

    was a driver and passenger of this bike last weekend. As usual, pictures
    and video do NOT do this thing justice. It is a devil of a machine and is
    sexy especially with that rear tire. This thing is huge in person but
    comfortable and just badass. If you are considering it, then test ride it
    you will not be disappointed. I prefer naked bikes myself but if I had the
    cash I would definitely consider this beast. Super Sports would have a fun
    time trying to keep up. 

  9. gwwayner says:

    Don’t really like the power cruiser thing; the wheelbase is too long, the
    ponderous looks, the weight too heavy. Just plain awkward at high speeds.
    No thanks.

  10. Dhanil ks says:

    This vehicle is damn.. it looks disgusting…. I guess ducati has work on
    the styling segment more to improve it… there is nothing to say about the
    motor,it’s always awesome as ever from ducati…thank you.. 

  11. BigBitesR rite says:

    MSRP: $17,995 (USD) – Base

  12. ednamayfan says:

    Great bike – kind of thinking that considering its radical styling it would
    have been better for this bike to have a belt or shaft drive – sales would
    have really increased!!

  13. motobhp says:

    2015 #Ducati #Diavel Carbon as seen by MotoUSA http://buff.ly/1h8ctqp

  14. Garry H says:

    They need to extend the range you get out of a tank of fuel. That is a deal
    breaker for me.

  15. shisno314 says:

    This bike had made my final two that I was deciding between. One of the
    major reasons I didn’t go with the duc at the end of the day wasn’t the
    initial price tag, but the cost to maintain it

  16. jwallz1 says:

    240 rear tire holy moly

  17. MrFlyboygully says:

    Still rather buy a vrod over this 

  18. MrFlyboygully says:

    I’m sorry for 21k no way 

  19. Joe G.P. says:

    would love to have one

  20. GrecoRoman123 says:

    MSRP: $20,995 (USD)

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