MotoGP™ Rewind: Assen 2013

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25 Responses

  1. greatmotorcycleroutes says:

    How can I found out the music they used?

  2. Manos Koymesos says:

    song name please from 1:40!!

  3. Francesco Gallo says:

    the king is returned

  4. Luca Minati says:

    anybody know the title of the song from 1:46??

  5. D Wright says:

    this was a good ass race, man I can’t wait for 2014, hopefully Vale can win
    a few this year

  6. suresh joseph says:

    lorenzo and el rosso ,both are bulls who lift the 2014 chapiomship.

  7. Izreen NurEisya says:

    I missed MotoGP….

  8. Gano Noga says:

    Valentino Rossi the best :*

  9. Pedro Gonçalves says:


  10. Amit cctamember says:

    Alexander what the hell do u know about lorenzo? If Rossi respects him so
    much and u don’t that shows that u have 0 knowledge about motogp I’ve never
    seen a bigger idiot than u and ur opinions are not valued dude 

  11. Abhijeet Mhatre says:

    i still have faith in you vale, GO GO GO THE DOCTOR!!! VR|46 FOREVER!!!!

  12. Lammert Folkersma says:

    Please Vale, show us 1 more time whos boss in 2014 you can do it

  13. Davide Cristofori says:

    What is the song at minute 1:16 ?

  14. Faris Jhatisunda says:

    come back 

  15. ludovic lefoulon says:

    Impressionnant et terrifiant

  16. Steve Leitner says:

    give the guy the #1 bike and he WILL win…being the #2 yamaha guy sucks.

  17. Mohamed Elkouly says:

    You still the best Valantino Go .

  18. Adrian Paul says:

    gooo 46!

  19. Icaro Ribeiro says:


  20. Shibswarup Chakraborty says:

    Man of Steel LORENZO!!!

  21. ArcticEwi says:

    27 dislikes, must be Stoner ;p

  22. ich jaich says:

    motogp is just a awesome sport

  23. Shounak Das says:

    tell me d back ground song name plz….

  24. YUMIKO Marquez says:

    Its nice run! however sometime be carefull the superman ads!(lol) lovin’.

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