How to Measure Motorcycle Jacket Size at

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25 Responses

  1. Andy Proper says:

    Not only was the video helpful but I was amazed when my jacket was
    delivered the day after I ordered it, literally 24 hours later, you guys
    are awesome.

  2. RedDragon1260 says:

    You guys should do a Big and Tall series for us big guys that are looking
    for gear.

  3. Bernardo G says:

    painful fast and cheap =P

  4. bilkar says:

    Too funny man…watched many of your vids. bought tires and jackets. first
    time I have actually come to youtube though so Painful may be a good
    marketing deal LOL…

  5. Bob Villa says:

    ..oh I feel the PAINFUL now! =) … always a good information video folks
    our internet remarks aside good jobs guys

  6. Kyle Myers says:

    At least it’s not painful and slow.

  7. Mucker72 says:

    go work out 🙂

  8. RevZilla says:

    Thanks, AMDGuy64! Upload a picture if you can with your review, I’m curious
    to see how the sleeves look. If I have my way this summer, I intend to pick
    one of these up for personal use. -CK

  9. PurPle5kull says:

    it so sucks being tall and skinny with clothes ._.

  10. Thedaws122 says:

    good to know.

  11. Andrew Jewer says:

    Awesome info! i will be using this here in the nea future for when i get my
    teknic jacket!

  12. 2565marek says:

    i still hate how when you measure u still may have a wrong size ugh

  13. J. Brandon says:

    Good stuff. Thanks for spelling it all out.

  14. A STOVALL says:

    cool vid thanks for the info man am a beginner rider and all this
    information helps alot its a plus. thanks revzillatv

  15. kristen benson says:

    very very helpful!! thank you!

  16. fzylogic says:

    Most helpful! Got my Alpinestars jacket size absolutely perfect the first
    time around.

  17. SR71BBFLYER says:

    I’ve been riding nearly a quarter century and RevZilla continues to teach
    me new things….great work guys.

  18. RevZilla says:

    Sorry to hear about your spill but happy to hear you didn’t get injured. I
    suggest giving our Gear Geeks a call to go over your options. You have a
    lot of choices in that price range. For track riding, you will need to find
    a leather jacket / pant combo that zips together. The Icon Overlord Prime
    isn’t the best option for track, as the pants are boot cut and lack
    kneesliders. Alpinestars has several options that work great from street to
    track. ~Ali

  19. EmanP223 says:

    Best video that’s ever been made of it’s kind. Pretty much cover it all.

  20. RevZilla says:

    Thank you for all the great feedback! ~Ali

  21. CarmineD187 says:

    Hey Antony what’s up i recently took a 80 mph spill and i was wearing the
    Overlord Prime Hero jacket and pants. The crash shredded both but saved my
    butt and i came out of it without a scratch. I’m looking for replacement
    gear what do you recommend for me? I do a lot of aggressive street riding
    and a few track days. I’m also looking for something that’s similar to the
    overlord prime hero that is a 2piece but can be made to a one piece for
    track days. Lastly i’m looking to spend $1000-$2000-max.

  22. BIGGByran says:

    @ 1:18 I hope Revzilla didn’t make the process painful, I like shopping
    from them, but fast and cheap is ok with me.

  23. Steven Craig says:

    Painful, fast, and cheap. Helpful vid, thanks!

  24. RevZilla says:

    Happy to hear you found the video useful. It’s another step towards
    demystifying buying products online. ~Ali

  25. Megafresh333 says:

    Informative video, how does this not have more views? ?

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