Honda MotoGP Pre-Season Testing – Highlights – Austin 2013

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  1. Sean McGinty says:

    Honda MotoGP Pre-Season Testing – Highlights – Austin 2013

  2. אבי רוה says:


  3. roberto Soares says:


  4. SUNSPYtm says:

    Nope, but Marquez will star very soon. He’s rapidly improving and already
    as he gets more familiar with the bike.. has passed Pedrosa already. Best
    rider in the world IMHO. Lets see a Honda track not that Qatar junk 😉

  5. farscope says:

    pedrosa is overrated

  6. Oliver Urbano Ríos says:


  7. Tom Wendl says:

    Rossi ftw

  8. TheMXDude says:

    How about no.

  9. ActionGoProductions says:

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  10. sebastian halvorsen says:


  11. joe dadday says:

    repsol all the way buddaayy

  12. Rhys Mackie says:

    Its just not the same without Casey Stoner

  13. JCpwnge says:

    he did and then he basically said there bikes suck and went back to yamaha
    which is what he started out with anyways

  14. Jacob Mallamas says:

    I bet he goes to the races to watch nicki hayden

  15. Andrásné Kosztovics says:


  16. OMGGP says:

    repsol honda and yamaha racing are having a badass duos this season, it is
    going to be interesting

  17. Cezary Sienkiewicz says:

    Song name : Twin Atlantic- Edit Me 😀

  18. cristianfr93 says:

    marquez is a beast !! GO 93

  19. Stani pain says:

    What is that for a Song? 🙂

  20. Léo Lassudrie says:

    cool subribe to my channel super abonne toi a ma chaine mais avant regarde
    mes videos

  21. vickeyok says:

    good morning

  22. JustCause2Only says:

    Yeah. To sleep with Justin Bieber.

  23. Joko Yolo says:

    imma the first bitchez

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