2014 Honda CTX1300 Review

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25 Responses

  1. Tommy Shyng says:

    I am just so glad he did not stop at Disney Land or Toysrus…

  2. MOTORBIKE video says:

    2014 Honda CTX1300 Review
    PLAYLIST, Best HD videos: 2014 Honda CTX1300 Review

  3. Saran Monaraks says:

    How is it with the ground clearance..?

  4. Steffi Reitsch says:

    I’d rather have a Rat Bike.

  5. Nomad Ryder says:

    The liquid-cooled V4 is intriguing, as is the fairing with the shorty
    screen and integrated bags, but no cruise control, no gear indicator, no
    sixth gear? Exactly what does the upsell model get me?

  6. JavnaGolina says:

    Great concept but it looks awful.

  7. Ellie Tea says:

    I like this bike a lot but the price is out of my range. Anyone know of a
    comparable bike? I was wondering if the Yamaha FJR or the Kawasaki Concours
    were similar enough to it?

  8. Alberto Knox says:

    So if you’re looking for a goofy motorcycle less interesting in a train,
    but that handles like one, check it out.


  9. Rider Lens says:

    Good video and sound – I like hearing the engine through all gears and
    revs, such an important part of owning a bike.

  10. SIK-NIK says:

    You never really showed a good shot of the left side of the bike on the

  11. CaptPuget says:

    Beauty is relative. I sat on one today and wanted to leave the store with
    it. Awesome bike.

  12. RICHARD HILL says:

    Im not a Honda fan , but is it me or is this a really nice bike?

  13. CaptHollister says:

    When discussing the sound system you can see that the bike is equipped with
    a taller windshield. It would have been nice to have more footage of bikes
    equipped with this option. If I were buying this bike there is no doubt I
    would want a taller screen. I would also want highway pegs. Does anyone
    make a set for this bike ?

  14. Jim Morris says:

    You know this guy needs to cut down on the number of times that he says
    “you know”.

  15. code3kc says:

    Seems like an awesome bike, but that face… :P. Same with the new
    Interceptor, who is designing the fronts of these bikes?! Lol

  16. young motorcyclist Norway says:

    Isn’t this the Valkyrie?

  17. Average Dave says:

    I love the look of the bike… except the front end. Shame, kind of a cool
    setup, but just looks ugly to me.

  18. imgoingforaride says:

    Do you have any pictures of the CTX!300 with the topbox fitted to it all ?
    I would be interested to how it all looks together . 

  19. Caleb Bourne says:

    I was out there when they were filming this. I saw them on the side of the
    road with all their cameras and shit. 

  20. sephiroth1386 says:

    Haven’t rode one before, but I got to check it out and sit on them at the
    International Motorcycle Show. It was pretty comfortable, and like he said,
    a nice riding postion

  21. bikee4 says:

    Stupid ugly Honda..check.

  22. Loudpedal10 says:

    No cruise control? Honda seems to be a slow learner.

  23. locwan says:

    What a improvement from past motorcycle. Com video reviews! I enjoyed that,
    well done!

  24. KillerShark73 says:

    Not the type of bike that I normally am interested in but for some reason I
    like it.

  25. kogi04 says:

    What was up with that random clip with the locomotive? Seemed misplaced in
    this video.

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