Motorcylce Review: Can-Am Spyder Roadster

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601 Responses

  1. Kevin Pean says:

    dear santa!!

  2. SuperSonicSenna says:

    @ raymod428

    Stupid because its safer than leaning? Leaning close to pavement that can rip you out of your seat and injure or kill you? Honestly you remind me of the idiots in top fuel drag racing that say fully enclosed canopies are for “pussies.”

  3. jason wright says:

    why? think these gutless piece of heavy shit will be fun without it?

  4. jason wright says:

    these things are heavy way over priced pieces of shit. only the dumb qubecers buy them

  5. M. Warmth says:

    am looking for a good used can-am cycle ,know of 1 let me know. ty

  6. pauljs75 says:

    Different. Looks like it’s competing more with the likes of big fat Goldwings than any sport bikes. (Catering to the retired snowbird type.) Load it out heavy for a long trip and apparently no worry about spilling it. (Thus no worry about having to get it back up, which seems the biggest part of the appeal.)

    Although if you want practical, I’d say a car still is a better fit. Or for around town cruising a regular motorcycle or scooter.

    Still looks like fun though.

  7. steven livingston says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah…How do you disable the traction control?!?!?

  8. charlie fizfaz says:

    I agree that it would be confusing not having a right brake lever. I think a distinction needs to be made regarding being able to brake front and back wheel’s independently. Because of the VSS, traction control and ABS systems,they all work together and if the front brakes were applied independent of the rear all hell would break loose.An additional brake lever is optional on the throttle side handlebar but it actuates all three wheels just like the foot pedal.High siding this would be very bad!

  9. Winterstick549 says:

    You would rather have a Smart Car?! Duuuuude!!!!!,,,,

  10. Winterstick549 says:

    Wouldnt surprise me.

  11. 101southsideboy says:

    I heard that the sec 5 ( the semi auto trans) trans is out selling the sm 5 trans 10 to 1

  12. Raymond428 says:

    Ewwwww yuk ugliest and stupidest thing ever made. Even a geeky smart car is cooler than this piece of shit.

  13. MrHarlemworld says:


  14. Winterstick549 says:

    Actually it comes standard with a normal, motorcycle type shifter/clutch. The autoshift is an option I would not want,,,,cost more to buy and cost more to maintain/repair.

  15. Ttr90andcrf150 says:

    Good review!!!!

  16. eisenherz188 says:

    no proper bicycle shift … fail!

  17. jehiel31 says:

    Very nicely put for the Review. I own one and absolutely love mine. I bought a 2011 RS-S brand new and ride it everywhere and in every type of weather.

  18. Ross Sizonenko says:

    Go on and visit taggleup and tell it to other people

  19. Winterstick549 says:

    I had a test ride. Loved it. Not as much as my KTM Adventure, but so much more fun than any car. It reminds me of riding a snowmobile. Love to have one as a second, or third ‘bike’.

  20. TheCarVlogger says:

    Amazing review guys, you did a really great job! I love this thing, looking into getting one soon!

  21. Steve o says:

    Ive been looking over the net to see reviews on this and yours is hands down the best. Thank you for taking the time to show us this and I will be purchasing one next summer.

  22. mosery77 says:

    pleas answer- to use the front brake you need to do this with the foot pedal? its includind rear and front brake?

  23. benzxp says:

    I MUST HAVE ONE! ……….MUST! = |

  24. Reverseflush says:

    It’s part motorcycle, part snowmobile and part ATV

  25. Lowell Thompson says:

    It does need right brake lever

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