2009 Harley-Davidson CVO Models Motorcycle Review – CVO RoadGlide

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954 Responses

  1. gst69man says:

    dumb money

  2. madogblue says:

    Nice review and crappy camera work.  Missed the rear fender and extended bags???

  3. MrBlackBrit says:

    Camera shots suck. You all need to be shot.

  4. 985285 says:

    What is all the crying about the ride? I have been on a roadglide since 1998 and currently own a 2000 FLTRSE and a 2006 FLTR. It is not uncommon for me to log 750 plus miles per day when I get them out. THERE IS NO FINER RIDE PERIOD.

  5. Harleyjohn54 says:

    Is that going to be the FLTRXX?

  6. friscohogz says:

    well my buddy works for dudley perkins of so.san francisco,which is a harlry dealership,and they got the word 6 months ago.

  7. Harleyjohn54 says:

    I think you might be wrong…..

  8. Harleyjohn54 says:

    Roadie, I’m sorry buddy but I have to respectfully disagree with you in part. Yes, the bike handled well but the ride sucked. I don’t know if you road a SERG but I’m telling you, it is not fun to ride any distance. I traded that puppy in on an ’09 FLTR and I am a little happier, just rode it about 1500 miles this weekend and although the ride wasn’t as comfortable as my ’07 RG it was acceptable. By the way, I think you’ll see a FLTRU in 2010, don’t think it’s totally gone.

  9. RoadieWingZ says:

    The new ’09 RG is fantastic! Having riden older models in the past, the new ’09 far exceeds the ride and handling characteristics of previous years. Definitely provides more control while providing a smoother ride than any previous RG. Can only hope HD doesn’t screw up a good thing in 2010…. My advice….. buy an ’09 as fast as you can as they will in high demand once the 2010 plans are revealed…..

  10. Harleyjohn54 says:

    I hate to say this because I absolutely love HD Roadglides, I have had 4 of them but this is the worst riding bike I have ever owned. I just traded my CVO Roadglide in on a stock ’09 Roadglide and I am not happy. I loved the design of the bike, I loved the power of the bike but when it comes to ride comfort, this bike is terrible. HD made a big mistake in this design because everything they did new to the bike stiffened the ride. Sorry, but it is what it is and that’s my opinion.

  11. wizard0153566 says:

    I was told, by a good source, if you like the Road Glide you’ll love it as a Dark Custom

  12. 22350HD says:

    Worst camera work ever. How about getting a shot of what the dude from CVO is talking about (ie: bags, calipers, rear end). Go back to film school or clean it up in post.

  13. MuzTang13 says:

    I just bought the CVO glide. What a bike. I have always wanted one and this is the cream of the bike crop.

  14. neano62 says:

    I’ve heard the V-Rod motor is cum-n up next, in the Road Glide format. I mean u-no its about time they did this! Harley really pisses me off! I saw the Scream-n Eagle Orange Road Glide in person for the first time last wkd. Why didnt they black-n that motor out? The color motor thats in that frame matches the Silver CVO model FLTR, and thats it! I saw the Yellow one yesterday,and its the same color. They needed to black out those motors on those 2 bikes.

  15. wileym says:

    Dealers got a memo.
    FLTR, FXSTB and XL883C off the top of my head are discontinued.

  16. neano62 says:

    You must have a good source of info! Where or who has supplied you with this?

  17. friscohogz says:

    i dont know about cvo’s but the road glides have been discontinued as of next year.

  18. neano62 says:

    No more “CVO”s ?

  19. friscohogz says:

    no more road glides in 2010,what the fuck

  20. cwandless says:

    Best Damn Bike Harley Makes!!

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