Triumph Bonneville SE 2009 Cruiser Motorcycle Review

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  1. tunza60 says:

    all this stuff about “made in Britain”. Im British..from London..and i owned a 1978 Bonny..and it was a nightmare…same as Leyland, Rover, Norton..thats why they are out of business…coz they were crap then. I now own a 2010 T100 ..and its brilliant…the new Triumph has its shit together…built in UK even..assembled in Thailand. Get over the “built in Britain” crap,…coz crap they were. I know..I rode one.

  2. abendroth85 says:

    67 likes? Why??? It starts out sounding like this guy is going to give us a review, and then it just cuts to some other guy who works for Triumph and tells us about the thing. Motousa, you’ve wasted my time for the last time.

  3. DrXitomatl says:

    Where the hell was the review??

  4. mrwindsorpodomous says:

    The Bonneville T100 is absolutely awsome. Drove one out the other day and am extremely impressed. Handles great at high and low speeds, corners like a sport bike but has the comfort and ridability of a cruiser. Extremely fun and not so expensive that the average person can’t afford it. I highly recommend one, as I am about to get one as well. Also, has plenty of power, so it doesnt dottle. I had it up to just over 80 mph without being wound out. will do well over 100 if you want…

  5. katana258 says:

    steers like a scooter ,ride it and its to twitchie in cr. the t-100 or thruxion is the way, for real road riding handleing

  6. nzquiznz says:

    They are made in Thailand

  7. brandonkelley says:

    I thought this was a review not a sales pitch

  8. Livenlaff says:

    What is the top end speed for this bike?

  9. sooupdragon says:

    @zappatx if you read more about Guzzi bikes, you will notice they still haven’t got their quality control sorted – we’re talking defective electrics and parts falling off, or failing. Triumph have a far higher quality control standard

  10. atreewithnolife says:

    I ride a TL1000s, still love riding the bonneville though!

  11. chrisve1973 says:

    You call this a review?????!!!!!

  12. zappatx says:

    Tough choice betwix this and Moto Guzzi’s offerings…

  13. michaelb1one says:

    Nice video. It would have been better if you got the bike in the shot while he was talking about it.

  14. soobeng says:

    Triumph. Motorcycle porn. I want one.

  15. TAKIDANI says:

    A review ??? come on , its a commercial !

  16. Thruxton8 says:

    You could always buy the bonnie and spend the extra cash savings on performance upgrades which would bring it very close to a Duc 1000, some simple suspension and brake upgrades a 904cc Wiseco/Hyde engine kit a free flow exhaust. Making something perform better than factory standard is heaps of fun and creates an element of suprise when your’e lined up beside that bike with the big reputation at the lights 😉 I’d take a tricked up Bonnie that goes like stink!

  17. ranrio70 says:

    Just got a 2010 T100 Black. 2-2 Arrows,center stand,crash bars. She is a beauty,handles well. I thought about it for a while since assembled in Thailand. The heart(engine)is made in Hinckley. Jap,Brazil, Germany, you name it where the parts are from. Still get looks and people love it. It’s a big world get use to change! I use to work for Chevrolet, I even own a few. Parts are from all around the world. Nothing stays the same!

  18. ridinged92 says:

    @jdabel1 try putting on your glasses next time shit head

  19. ridinged92 says:

    @jdabel1 hey FUCK you buddy for your info i corrected myself afterward a simple mistake faggot try a tampon it works wonders for bitches like you. ha.

  20. jdabel1 says:

    I’ll tell you how its possible. The Bonneville EFI housing is designed to look like carbs to keep the classic look. Who’s the dumb fuck now? Sometimes its better to remain silent and appear ignorant instead opening your mouth and removing all doubt. Ha.

  21. bonnevillefilm says:


  22. posro1988 says:

    @o7bonnie in a nutshell it’s awesome

  23. nrhbmw says:

    @corneliusmaxx hahaha, I was wondering where on earth and why it was filmed there!

  24. nrhbmw says:

    Wow, that guy was clearly reading a script.

  25. suprum says:


    the headers get stained because of the sir injection system 🙂
    remove the air injection and VIOLA! No staining!

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