Girl On 2013 ZX6R 636 Loses Rear Seat While Riding

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25 Responses

  1. Nicholas Goelz says:

    i know her!!!!!! i actually used to date her lol

  2. Joshua Zammit says:

    You had a can spray cheese :3

  3. Herkkukurkku says:

    2-stroke ducati 😀 1:20

  4. AaronARW says:

    Nearly got killed getting, make it sound more dramatic ;-)

  5. ItsMincraft says:

    Only a nice guy would be so kind to pull over on there motorcycle and risk
    their life to get someone’s seat…

  6. AskJoe1 says:

    They banged

  7. MusashiStillDreamin says:

    Ahaha, someones getting laid tonight!! :P

  8. hiard10 says:

    should have got her number

  9. misterpooter says:

    For some reason I came to this video expecting to see panties flying lol.

  10. BoobieNizer says:

    Tom later that day banged her rear bum.

  11. BigBitesR rite says:

    Knight in shining armor….

  12. C Craig says:

    I did that second day I went riding my new 2013 cbr600rr. The front corner
    of the seat has a small tear. Reading these comments make me feel less
    like a newb.

  13. joe sigai says:

    what ? about 50.00 to 200.00 dollars 

  14. joe sigai says:

    almost a lot of money !

  15. joe sigai says:

    almost cost her a lot of money, if it wasn’t for her friend being behind

  16. opmike343 says:

    I’m seriously thinking about rigging up a tether or something for mine. I
    nearly lose the thing at least once a month by forgetting to make sure it’s
    locked down all the way. 

  17. Riding Japan says:

    nice job 🙂 I was like “dude the other bag!”

    greetings from Japan

  18. Josue Rivera says:

    2:34-2:39 nice last look my man, She got you in 2:34 jajaja

  19. blade643 says:

    haha I love how my man Tom takes one last look at dat ass ;)

  20. ELmatadorTX817 says:

    Well done tom !!

  21. Dragos Renato says:

    And that is how you get laid…

  22. CHOT Lurahahs says:

    her instagram : thundersnows

  23. kawiaddict77 says:

    Damn, seeing that thick legged girl on a ninja with a nice ass who can
    handle her bike, is waaayyyy fucking sexier than the the best “twerker” any
    fucking day. That shit is so fucking trashy.

  24. kittymeowmeow hellokitty says:

    +SalaTaMaRaCiTy lmao

  25. Cosmic Coo says:

    RunningWithTom is the new channel

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