Road to Loretta’s – Prepping for Regionals – AMA Amateur MX Competition

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25 Responses

  1. Dax LairesBMX says:

    Trying to get to Loretta’s in 1 year or two

  2. GTProductions5474 says:


  3. Beaukx250 says:

    where is lorettas?

  4. SpencerO221 says:

    they just screwed up on the name. it was 250 B

  5. Tadpole T.V says:

    Oh, makes alot more sense now!

  6. TheRiverBeMad says:


  7. Mattmandm4 says:

    Justin is from my town Cushing, OK

  8. MrXtreeeme says:

    Is that Martin Davalos at 4:15 ?

  9. mc honda says:

    i like how it says supermini 1 at 2:47 and hes on a 250 or 450

  10. DanOnParas says:

    @freaky12ju Hes sponsored by monster these days

  11. kramler says:

    awesome!!! Good luck to the new ones! I fucking envy you

  12. Max Dowdney says:

    those are some lucky and talented kids

  13. redbullmx29 says:

    Ya it takes money but you have to be really good also

  14. shonuffLA says:

    @1111Davo1 welcome to life

  15. LuddmoLL says:

    To become this good at something like this, it requires courage, time and
    most importantly, daddys money…

  16. Ben Olsen Johnsgård says:

    MAAAAN! 3:15 – I came

  17. RazielPOLAND says:

    @MXDirtracer2 Man, take it easy. I know he is Justin Bogle but for now only
    few people may know how such epic whips & scrubs he do. I hope that in
    future he will be famous and everyone will put as an example his person,
    just like now James Stewart. But for now, only a comparison to JS and
    winning races in epic style can provide good publicity for him 😉 And I
    think that he would like to be compared to James Stewart. Peace!

  18. Christian Maristela says:

    The guys wearing a rock star energy hat not red bull

  19. MXDirtracer2 says:

    @RazielPOLAND shut the hell up i hate when people say shit like this hes
    not james stewart hes justin bogle dumb ass

  20. a Jedi says:

    Captain bogle racing the unadilla national?! gonna be sickk

  21. Cal Shecklered says:

    under 300 club

  22. Geriszon Fodor says:

    0:13 rap? 😀

  23. xXeMiLlXxPL says:

    @TheKingOfTheLlama omg “wanna be” gosh i aint blind u know

  24. TheKingOfTheLlama says:


  25. poo fart says:

    classic loretta

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