Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 636 Quarter Mile Drag

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27 Responses

  1. jaguarpaw5 says:

    I meant empathize lol

  2. OhPhilly says:

    I just watched this now, after someone mentioned I was fallowing in your
    footsteps. I did the exact same thing on the first run with not knowing
    where the line was haha good run mate.

  3. Balerion theBlackDread says:

    What size is that white GSX-R next to you at the start?

  4. Bikes & Banter says:

    man, that looks like so much fun… We’ve got one of those drag strips on
    the Gold Coast… It’s called the highway… But the fuzz always got to
    bring us down… 

  5. Ninja"Bro's" says:

    My first drag race was against a drag built hyabusa. I uh lost…

  6. ELmatadorTX817 says:

    woooooo tom for the win!!!!!!!!!!

  7. R6Life says:

    Great run wow! Had me running on adrenaline from the start hahaha

  8. XCSEDAN says:

    good work, i’ve run 11.2 on my k2 gsxr 600 (first night out, need a lot of
    improvements, and the bike is bone stock), you been out again since this

    try launching at 6K and dont just dump the clutch, 2 step it. focus on that
    instead of reaction time until you have got it nailed.

    don’t know if your shifting with the clutch or not, if you are, don’t
    bother, you only need to back off the throttle 1/8th of a turn to do a
    clutchless shift, can probably save 2/10ths there as well ;)

  9. Frejborg says:

    I’m really impressed Tom. Your content is always original, and entertaining.
    I enjoyed this clip! Would be great to see more runs. Good job on your time.
    Must be proud of the green girl. lol

  10. BumbleBeat21 says:

    I feel as nervous, if not more nervous, than you were before the start.

  11. Janx101 says:

    Nice bro! … Good show!

  12. Rider Mark says:

    Somehow your videos seem te be so realistic. I love to watch!

  13. Scott Harman says:

    Sweet Tom, I think we would all love to see some more drag vids. Obviously
    not the ones where you have your Mrs’ dresses on…….deuces!

  14. Samuel Melon says:

    More videos way more daily

  15. Apollo says:

    I Noticed myself getting anxious b4 you launched 

  16. Szymon Szymanski says:

    I was probably more excited than you 😀 haha, nice man 

  17. DoubleT90T says:

    Drag racing is a blast. Ive gone a couple times on my bikes. 11.8 is
    exactly what I got my first time 🙂 great vid.

  18. Ranar says:

    I want more Riding with Tom!

  19. cruisin650 says:

    You’re giving me bad ideas. Stop it. I love it.

  20. bartmoto says:

    Tom, like as always. A lot of andrnaline. :)

  21. AridersLife says:

    turn traction control off you cheat, lol

  22. Speedy95 says:

    awesome run tom 

  23. Nofear68 says:

    great run Tom

  24. jim8o says:

    kinda wanna go to the drags, like right now!

  25. QlandBiker15 says:

    Oh Man! This was so Intense to just watch! Awesome Video mate! You making
    me wanna go for a spin! haha Ride safe bud

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