Comparison-Test | KTM 1290 Super Duke R vs BMW S 1000 R

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180 Responses

  1. Kris Eric says:

    The last comment says it all. If you had one day to live and want the most
    incredible bike buy the KTM. In reality my time is precious and limited so
    when I get on my bike I want to be excited and amazed. At the end of the
    day if money is no object chose the bike that gives you the biggest hard on
    and you will go to bed at night happy

  2. SirHannsen says:

    Nice comparison and test but terrible english.

  3. Jeremiah Curvers says:

    My S1000R is on the way. 

  4. Kevin McDermott says:

    Very good but where’s the V4 Tuono. I would like to know how that compares
    to the BM. 

  5. Jose Antonio Navarro Castro says:

    Ride ober 210 kmh in the tunel of soller (mallorca) is from STUPID ASHOLE
    people. I thinq i send this video to the police.

  6. 1997TL1000 says:

    KTM for me, for me a bike is a heart choice not a wallet choice. Every day
    I ride I feel alive, and I have never found myself thinking about cost
    while carving corners, dragging knee or running for the redline. I want to
    whoop in my lid, as I twist the throttle to the stop! There’s a difference,
    if you can’t afford the Duke and want to get close then ya the BMW makes it
    the best choice, but if you simply are looking for a sledgehammer a rubber
    mallet just wont do!

  7. leighton richards says:

    Nice video, I love the way how you are doing a serious technical interview
    and then just slip the words “shitting my pants” in without pausing.

  8. Harry Cole says:

    Another great review!
    You guys have the best motorcycle channel on the web.

  9. CameraEye971 says:

    Thank you for making this video no matter what language is it produced
    in…we all understand what is being said! Excellent work!!!

  10. xaquison says:

    Fantastic review. Thanks!

  11. pacarreiro says:

    Best review line ever: “If you had just one day to live…”

  12. SuperSneakyOwl says:

    Nice video 🙂 Appreciate it being made in English! :D

  13. Sinkmonster says:

    Brilliant video! S1000r all the way! 

  14. Spectolux says:

    Good review. These are two of the bikes I am considering right now. Maybe
    you could follow with a comparison involving the Ducati Monster 1200. In
    terms of value, I am leaning heavily toward the BMW from this comparo. The
    loaded package price for the S 1000 R is less than the base MSRP for the
    Super Duke R here in the USA. Something I did not hear discussed was the
    ergonomic comparison. I know the seats are reportedly comfortable, but what
    about the geometry for legroom and long distance comfort? Picky, I know,
    but it may push me one way or the other. Thanks for your excellent work.

  15. ajay101ification says:

    KTM Superduke R all the way

  16. khamid1 says:

    After a test ride of both I am sure people will find it very hard not to
    choose the KTM…the riding experience is summarised very nicely by Nasty
    Nils “If you just have one more day to live and want to make the most
    incredible ride in your life, you have to choose the Superduke”. Seriously
    ride the KTM before you decide on the BMW, you will be kicking yourself if
    you ride it after.

  17. SW20AE86 says:

    I just one of each to keep my S1000RR company.

  18. TeamBMWHawaii says:

    very informative and nicely done review. Thank you!

  19. rjeez95 says:

    Makes sense. Nice review. Seems like a perfect bike a bit more usable and
    2k cheaper then an s1000rr. Nice

  20. Michael Bell says:

    Nasty Nils rocks! Great vid. Come on Neevesy and MCN, this is the standard
    and you are way off!!

  21. Darek Nowak says:

    mother of god, I would take both :D

  22. FordonRickard says:

    How come you have to involve the price when you compare the performance of
    the two bikes? Shouldn’t that be the customers job, and not yours? 

  23. vins abr says:

    hey guys,
    Finally more on S1000r in English!!
    enjoyed watching it.
    gr8 Job!!!

  24. Inspirikus says:

    Finaly comparison…S1000R all the way 😉
    Great video!!!

  25. Hareez Vizard says:

    Is bmw s1000r is cheaper than the ktm?

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