Ninja ZX2R – Best Sounding Bike Tom Has Ridden! 20K RPM!

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25 Responses

  1. XCSEDAN says:

    fuuuuuuck me, this thing sounds amazing, agree, definitely sounds like an
    old school f1, its got that nasty raspiness!

  2. Nic Palmer says:

    4:04 Such a laugh

  3. MrIH310 . says:

    how old is this bike??
    and its a 250 right or what?

  4. tudy1011 says:

    Please more videos with you on this bike! ITS AWESOME!

  5. ABelgianBiker says:

    omg that sound!!! instant orgasm lol

  6. 최윤임 says:

    Wow!! F1 sound???
    Very very Good!!

  7. djcarrboy says:

    I have the Yamaha version of this
    FZR250 w/ Yoshi straight through pipe – they handle so well as well as
    sound incredible, best bike I’ve ever ridden ;D

  8. Jen Armstrong says:

    I’m about to sell mine if anyone is interested. Hit me up for the link.

  9. BrakeHorsePower92 says:

    So funny, it sounds like it’s burning up the world and pushes forward like
    a shopping cart. So ironic, actually. :D

  10. cxbra says:

    CBR250RR over everything!

  11. Thomas Gionet says:

    I need this noise in my life

  12. phastazak says:

    Then i see your deck shoes and lose all respect for you

  13. David Mikeš says:

    Řve to 😀 a nejede to :D

  14. Dario kruzk says:

    my dad used to own this bike back in the day, it sounds so freaking nice

  15. scef098mjih234tm89pc says:

    You’re riding like a dick mate. At least take out some cyclists if you’re
    riding St Kilda way.

  16. ironDsteele says:

    I love the sound of that!

  17. excriminal1 says:

    sounds amazing lol

  18. 69gringo69 says:

    Dude that bike sounds fkn wicked xD haha haha I wish they sold those here
    in the U.S. =(

  19. rafał Opacki says:

    awesome sound

  20. Bartek Fijołek says:

    20k rpm? When? I saw only 16…

  21. MadMax MotoVlog says:

    Onboard an F1 car for sure :)

  22. Matthew Wilson says:

    One of the greatest noises I have ever graced my ears with. Disregard the
    rider’s fails though.

  23. Ezio Auditore da Firenze says:

    What’s the Exhaust ??????

    or is it straight pipe ?

  24. guiguidu75018 says:

    omg sound

  25. therealTOTOfan says:

    at lower rpms sounds like a ferrari and at higher like a formula one car :D

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