Michelin Pilot Road 4 Tires Review at RevZilla.com

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16 Responses

  1. James Kang says:

    Hot tires

  2. eolith says:

    I have a Blazing Orange Yamaha FZ-09 coming in to replace the one I
    wrecked. The number one factor other than me was the stock Dunlop D214s and
    the utter lack of grip in cooler temps (below 50). I’m under the impression
    that PR3s were the tires to have for cooler temps. Does that hold true for
    the PR4s? I’m planning to put them on Day 1 this time. (FYI, I’m in Dayton,

  3. K4OLO says:

    When are you buying a new tshirt?

  4. Beefiebelly says:

    It’s gonna be a tough choice when I next need tyres, stick with PR3s or
    move to ‘4s.

    To me, the benefit of PR3s was always wet weather handling. It’s
    interesting they look to have (potentially) sacrificed some of this by
    reducing some of the water displacement at the side walls, only to provide
    more grip in the dry.

    It may just boil down to price.

  5. Sam Franke says:

    Dammit, just got 3’s late last year! 

  6. ThaMetalMan says:

    Alright here’s the deal. I’ve had PR3 on my zx6e for the last 15,000 miles
    and just now am i considering buying new tires. PR3’s have been the best
    time I have ever owned, EVER. In fact they are so good im nervous about
    switching to PR4 in fear they will not live up to the previous version. I
    ride pretty hard and use almost sides of the tire, Can the PR4 maintain
    grip when getting leaned over like the PR3’s????

  7. W0rp3D says:

    I have only ever used 2 tyres, battlax 016 (oem on my fz6r) and the pr3’s,
    the 016’s were crap, the worst part is that i never knew it as it was the
    first tyre i had ever ridden with, i just thought i was a crap rider, put
    on pr3’s and OMG, the bike just does what it is suppose to as opposed to
    the 016’s where your always trying to make the bike do what you want it to.

    Will stick with the pr3’s till they wear out (have only done about 1000k’s
    on them so will have them for a while) but will definitely stick with
    PRx(what ever it will be when i get my next set) for my next set.

  8. 74CBASS says:

    Would you recommend this tire for 2010 zx10r? Not a track bike but try to
    hit up the local twisties and commute in the summer to and from work.

  9. Joseph Christy says:

    This is such a tired topic

  10. Ryan Chelberg says:

    Holy beard batman, Anthony did you get in a fight with your razor??? (Now
    onto the tires) I had the Road 3s on my Fz6 a couple of years ago and I was
    personally not a fan of the way they felt. Hopefully the reverse in the
    compounds will fix this…. 

  11. 707LAKE says:

    how come you cant see a price on the revzilla site??

  12. msmit1993 says:

    Time to shave xD

  13. Nein9Nine says:

    What’s that white, black and red jacket behind Anthony on the right?

  14. CMB says:

    I’m super stoked to put these on my 2013 Multistrada!

  15. alpinab14 says:

    wow i had no idea Michelin were working on the pr4, what i will say is i
    owned a few sets of the pr2,s which were great tyres in every way which
    soon as the pr3 come out i was the first to get them and they were a good
    step up and a big leap forward, i used pr3,s for many 1000,s of miles all
    over Europe in every type of weather including a bit of off roading on a
    vfr vtec bloody sat nav , i also used them on the nurburgring from hot and
    sunny 30+ degrees to 15 degrees in the damp and they were faultless (again
    pr3 performed better than pr2) (less graining and pr3 seemed to not be
    working as hard as pr2, you could push them much harder or keep the same
    pace but with more available grip in reserve) so im looking forward to
    getting a set of these, but do i prefer the harder compound of the pr4 over
    the pr3? mmm im not too sure, do i prefer increased longevity over
    decrease grip? defiantly NO (if that’s the case) its not like the pr3 had a
    problem with longevity i mean they lasted incredibly well that resisted
    squaring off amazingly well , so im looking forward to hearing grip
    comparisons to the pr3. if the pr4 equal the grip of the pr3 then im in,
    but if they don’t then maybe for my personal type of riding pr3 maybe the
    better choice, the pr3 were and are one of the best tyres ever made in my
    opinion and if the pr4 turn out better the wow hats off to michelin,
    looking forward to finding out thanks for this vid

  16. WRXXXual says:

    PR3s are the best tires I have ever owned. I can’t wait to try out the 4th

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