KTM 390 Duke India road test summary

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  1. naval mathur says:

    I am about 6’1 tall so would you recommend this bike for someone like
    me,another issue that have read about and discussed with many people with
    DUKE 200 ,is that in city Duke tends to dispel hot air as the radiator is
    on.So DUKE 390 does carries these genes too from “200”. Please need opinion
    as in dilemma should I go for DUKE 390 or CBR 250r (which is now old but
    comfortable) or wait for PULSAR 375 but don’t rely on quality aspects of

  2. Faizal Khan says:

    Shumi’s impressions…

  3. Vivek Sharma says:

    waow.. I love you presentation.. everything in one take.. even Jeremy
    Clarkson can’t do it in one shot. Keep it up.. I like the review.. very
    well done,, precise and crisp..

  4. horror478 says:

    I hope the RC has a much larger fuel capacity…

  5. Allan Francis Xavier says:

    dont wait for the RC390! its gonna be the same with the engine,the only
    difference will be the body covers and the exhaust and the hand bars.

  6. anjan89R says:

    fit n finish is not upto the mark, especially the tapping of the wires

  7. phalgun rao says:

    Awesome quality and build finish !

  8. brok3n says:

    great review man. u give new buyers all the info they need.

  9. TheArcade12 says:

    Nice review

  10. Kausik Das says:

    Thanx for ur valuable comments.

  11. Venkatesh G Shanmugam says:

    shumi – I have a Duke 200 and the engine heats up quite a bit in city
    rides…On highways it is okay as the radiators gets the more air it needs
    in high speed. Did you experience the similar issue in 390 too? – Over

  12. ayaz palekar says:

    When is the official video going to be out?

  13. Vinayak Ravindranath says:

    with riding luggage is 5.6 seconds to 100.tried with lesser weights? what
    about removing that saree guard(not much advantage but still)

  14. maxmavrick7 says:

    Then it’s not suitable for indian roads which are full of pot holes

  15. Ricky Das says:

    shumi’s reviews keep getting better and better, great going bro. just one
    Q, im planing to buy a bike by year end, heart is stuck on N300 (white) but
    will duke390 b d smart choice? will be riding city/highway equally, it wil
    be only for recreation (not commuting). tx

  16. Shyam R says:

    Thanks for the video .

  17. Yugendran N says:

    First viewer ? So what ? Are they giving any medals or a KTM bike ?

  18. ferrarikg says:

    Very informative. Thanks

  19. ferrarikg says:

    Very informative. Thanks

  20. Ajit Unni says:

    Great review……saw you for the first time…..

  21. pritam Bhadra says:

    i am 2nd viewer

  22. singhtaransingh1 says:

    i am da first viewer

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