Ninja 300 vs Ninja 250R 0-60 mph (0-100 kph)

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27 Responses

  1. SheWantsTheD says:

    let’s go baby!!! YEUHHH

  2. SheWantsTheD says:


  3. Faldi KasKuser says:

    3 weeks later..

  4. Royce Jones says:

    That was a pretty funny video lol. “I THOUGHT THERE WAS A GEAR THERE”

  5. ylism says:

    They would have made 100 km/h at the very least ? Do em all, and let the
    times sort them out !

  6. jean luc says:

    the speedometer error error is of how much on 300 at 100 km/h? and on 250?

  7. ylism says:

    Great job, of the 3. Your time on the Ninja 300r, = most Honda CB500r
    times, now that would be a great match up. Ride safe. yl

  8. picket fence says:

    Should have tried on a honda cbr 125 or Yamaha 150.

  9. jin kazuya says:

    Hajaja, que buen video xD

  10. flashprincethe1st says:


  11. angelo pugliares says:

    the 3rd one couldn’t reach 100 if it came down Mt Everest.

  12. Skunkfighter says:

    Lol awesome

  13. Felipe Lima says:

    LOL!!! I really liked that!

  14. Gaurav Sharma says:

    fcking awesome 😀 😀

  15. TheNonstopTrigger says:

    Lmao love the vid

  16. Евгений Телепнёв says:


  17. Kawi22Man says:

    ‘Perfect Shift!’ haha, awesome video man, loved it!

  18. Dave Lee says:


  19. Foresight88ify says:

    DO you Ninja 636 time!!!

  20. I am Iron Man says:

    Some say only The Stig can get a postie bike up to 100km/h

  21. Redline says:

    Legend has it that Tom is still trying to get that postie back to 100 as we

  22. EverythingMacintosh says:


  23. hodgoo says:

    No, it’s 62.1371

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