Ducati Monster 696 Review – Monsters Inc.

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  1. SuperSchwebel says:

    Thanks for the excellent objective review. I bought one yesterday in part because of your review. Ducati must have been watching your review because my 2013 has adjustable levers and a bigger heat shield on the exhaust. Ducati’s are not motorcycles but art. No other bike has its sound,charisma or presence.

  2. goodalwaysworks says:

    I want this now.

  3. onewheeldrive says:

    Before you decide I’d google up the service intervals on both bikes. Then call your local dealers and see what those service costs. Gut feeling, the cost of ownership for the Ducati will be higher, which may factor into your decision.

  4. Zantek007 says:

    Hey Onewheeldrive guys ! i have a question for you : im 19, in university, im 130pounds, 5’10. i want a fun bike to ride, reliable and compact. i hesitate between the kawa ER-6N and this ducati. now here is my question.
    Does the ducati worth the 3000$ extra over the kawa? does the ducati cost much more in insurances? If the ducati does worth the 3gran more, i dont mind paying it because ultimatly ill get that 3gran back on resale price, i just want to make a good move ! thx for your reply!

  5. Vallecaucanisimo says:

    They are so cheap that it think they are just fine for beginner rider like me. I’m getting one! Do you have a review of the 2012 0r 2011 models? Oh….. yes im buying used 😀

  6. opmike343 says:

    Just go to a dealership and sit on one. How can anyone possibly answer this question for you personally?

  7. roycoolguy says:

    I am 5’6″ would I be able to ride it.

  8. MrClutch714 says:

    Is it safe to go from a 250 ninja to a Ducati 696 after 4 months?

  9. mrparadise212 says:

    sea to sky highway !

  10. nipplemilktea says:

    “gucci style at h&m prices” haha!

  11. ih8momjokes1 says:

    kawasaki er-6n, honda hornet, suzuki sv650, suzuki gladius and thats about it. but this monster is the cheapest from ducati in terms of price. definitely looks better out of the bunch and it’s the bike that you probably will be most excited to ride when its sitting in your garage and your waiting to ride it 😀

  12. onewheeldrive says:

    Check out the Suzuki Gladius or SV650 Naked. Similar in sensibility, not quite as slick though.

  13. xSBxUltrax says:

    What are some cheaper bikes that look like this?

  14. titanium1228 says:

    im 5’7 will this fit me?

  15. RicardoSS85 says:

    If you’re 6ft5 you should stick with big trail bikes (like BMW R1200GS Adventure or KTM 990 Adventure) . You’ll look absolutely ridiculous in a Monster. I’m 6ft and I’m already pushing the envelope… The ideal height for these bikes is something between 5ft7 and 5ft10.

  16. blissful0ne says:

    I beg your pardon!!
    Nothing, sir, is more fun than a barrel of strippers.

  17. ArmpitNoises says:

    Really thinking about picking this bike up. I’ve got very limited riding experience is this bike good for me? 6’0 175lbs. Money isn’t really an issue(Not trying to be a dick). Thanks man. Great video.

  18. ijustwannabeadrummer says:

    “sv650 quivering on its wobbly suspension” .. lol.. he sums it up.. i pretend i am riding a duc on my sv650 until i go thru a curve n hit a bump..i wish they did not cheap out on the mirrors or suspension… i am glad i have bar ends.. but i still need to swap out the front forks.. or just get this 696 when i have the duc-ets .. get it..duc-its..:)

  19. Shravan Raj says:

    As refined as prison dentistry LOLOL hahaha wtf!!

  20. Akash C Babu says:

    lack of technology but still ducati

  21. ApexIXMR says:

    4 minutes and 29 seconds of metaphors.

  22. Hugh Myron says:

    “More fun than a barrel of strippers!”

  23. Hugh Myron says:

    No not at all. Try a 250.

  24. letsride84 says:

    Come on guys, go love some other bike. This baby’s mine. XD

  25. fluminense205 says:

    Is Ducati Monster 696 good for first bike and first time ride? i am beginner!

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