“Crossing a Mountain for Mexican Food” [RideNEat!]

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25 Responses

  1. Allan Aguirre says:

    @nutnfancy how ’bout it? I can be the´╗┐ local Provo River TNP fly fishing guy… ­čÖé

  2. Allan Aguirre says:

    @nutnfancy Dude you were 6 miles from me casa. Let me take you fly´╗┐ fishing

  3. Elieolio says:

    Bugget rocks´╗┐

  4. xcusatf jojo says:

    eat like that´╗┐ everyday here in phoenix AZ ;-P

  5. TheWeedman33 says:

    Lmao maybe the owl doesnt like Hondas hahahaha´╗┐ you the man Nutn

  6. r4venmoon says:

    This really makes me want to´╗┐ get a bike but I just got a new jeep

  7. scrap cat says:

    Nutn, if you think a XR650L is heavy, you should try a KLR650. It’s the “dual sport” I owned before getting a my XR, which is a BMX bike comparatively´╗┐ speaking.. LOL. The KLR spent a whole lot of time on it’s side with me yelling at it, off road (fire trails) with it’s 70 gallon steel tank!

  8. Will Best says:

    Just discovered your channel, and these fantastic´╗┐ videos. Please, keep making the bike videos, these are great! (as are all your vids) Thanks!

  9. Thoseflyvlogs says:

    I need a dirt bike now!´╗┐

  10. AdvRider says:

    Haha same here. Was in the market for a new vehicle. Went from thinking I would never get´╗┐ a bike to owning a bike in 4 weeks (would have been quicker if I found one faster too)

  11. Peter Hartl says:

    When riding a KTM´╗┐ you should carry a glock because both are from Austria!

  12. Vivek p p says:

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  13. smitty40 says:

    Hey nutn ever ride a Kawasaki KLR650? Just asking. Thanks and loved´╗┐ the video!

  14. goswim88 says:

    “Maybe he just´╗┐ doesn’t like Hondas” Lol’d pretty hard

  15. ethan pham says:

    Around 12:20 nutn covered up the camera and I was like I can’t see we’re´╗┐ gonna crash!!!

  16. Brandon Beecher says:

    Hey!´╗┐ American Fork canyon.

  17. Jeff T says:

    mR.BUGETNUTTER! WHAT ! Trail Are you on!´╗┐

  18. Sebastian Urtubia says:

    nice parking´╗┐ =)

  19. shannonandsheila1 says:

    David picks his nose goes straight to preparing food´╗┐ filthy beaner ;~{

  20. shannonandsheila1 says:

    You caught him but he´╗┐ showed you what its all about right after ;├Ě)

  21. TheOVprodigy says:

    20:56. Dat´╗┐ look…

  22. flyhigh8313x says:


  23. Frank Bungay says:

    Twenty seven….. Thousand…..´╗┐

  24. ooooitzyazy says:

    I like´╗┐ bugget

  25. ViolentKisses87 says:

    I like how nutn gives ratings X out of 10 for everything he does.

    Makes one wonder if he´╗┐ has ever finished making love to Misses Nutn and given her a rating out of habit.

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