Aprilia RSV4 technical review and road test

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25 Responses

  1. CBRboy1717 says:

    Odd that the exhaust sound from the V4 sounds like Rossi’s M1… considering that Rossi’s M1 is an inline-4. I would say more like the Desmo GP13.

  2. jeffrules26 says:

    seriously. This is what I want in a bike review. You should go work for National Geographic lols.

  3. Spanner04 says:

    Excellent review! Now you’ve probably ridden S1000rr, thoughts in comparison?

  4. uberhalla says:

    Your vocabulary is as good as William Shakespeare’s :D

  5. Maacccaaaa says:

    Amazing review!!!

  6. 0nedon says:

    Wicked review made me laugh well done..

  7. Phillip Boag says:

    top review

  8. fistinyourbutt says:

    Seriously Gizmag…. MORE BIKE REVIEWS Much better than MCN.

  9. Frejborg says:

    Awesome review! =) passionate. I agree, review every bike on the market, please.

  10. pv6505 says:

    I LOVE my Rsv4R, wish I could have afforded the Factory but that’s just being a little greedy…

  11. Steve C says:

    I’m 45 and just bought one.

  12. Steve C says:

    This bike is old now… the newer ones are considerably improved.

  13. MrSparkyAprilia says:

    The only thing that puts me off is the size! Great review best I’ve seen!

  14. Wlfwnd91 says:

    Your profile pic just about made me light my monitor on fire. Fuck you

  15. Peter Kuzmin says:

    lol scary stuff at 3:50 guys

  16. Ed Yazbeck says:

    insane RSV4 ripping through traffic in my channel, check it out 😉

  17. DBS Motorsport says:

    More reviews please guys! Best on the web.

  18. minhquanti says:

    i dont khonw why bikers in my country don’t like aprilla much… i always see honda, kawa, suzu, BMW, duke, harley but never saw an aprilla

  19. digisuboob says:


  20. Ed Yazbeck says:

    visit my channel and see how an RSV4 moves in traffic

  21. Dário Barreiro says:

    This is a Mega Review! Thank U very much!

  22. depravedone says:

    Great review man, as a rider over 40, I’m thinking this might not be the best choice for me.

  23. Surya De says:

    Amazing machine. I love mine. Great work on the vids!

  24. bitch says:

    I want to test one but my age is a problem for insurance companies 🙁 despite years of riding 125 – 1000cc….

  25. PaappiZ says:

    You’ll be fine. I’m 171cm and i can manage it easily =) 

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