Zero XU Electric Motorcycle Review and Test Drive- Motorcycle Classics

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4 Responses

  1. Rón G. says:

    Is that the 2012?

  2. Jay Vee says:

    It could to with a panel to cover the power pack to give a seamless connection with the dummy ‘gas tank’. I also think it should still be classed as a ‘motorcycle’, the power plant is after all, still a motor is it not? I’m looking forward to the future technology when electric bikes have much better ‘fuel’ range and top end power. I’m still a traditional motorcyclist though, but hey, if there comes a day when we seriously can’t afford fossil fuels anymore, at least it’s still a ‘motorcycle’ 😉

  3. dwc1964 says:

    One big difference. With a petrol-powered bike, you go to a gas station to fill up. With an electric vehicle, you plug it in overnight and start every morning with a full “tank”. As e-vehicles become mass-market, more parking garages and lots will install them. Before long national hotel chains and restaurant franchises will set up charging stations in their lots. Also parking meter/charging station combos on city streets. All where you were going to park anyway, no gas stations.

  4. dwc1964 says:

    Yeah, the range figures they give are for riding in “eco” mode, at urban speed limits (25-35 mph) for the most part – and for that kind of riding, which is over 90% of vehicle miles driven (the urban commute), this’ll do. But if you want to ride it hard and have fun, this one’s not ready for prime time. I think the latest Zero S is supposed to have a lot more useable range and be good for freeway riding, and the new Brammo looks promising too. They’re coming along.

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