2012 Victory Hard-Ball Review – The new bagger/bobber makes a quartet of Ball models for Victory

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24 Responses

  1. raredesign says:

    some people like to take care of their stuff. It’s alright if you prefer to ride dirty.

  2. John E says:

    So, how many bikes out there are equipped with saddle bags that hold a helmet? Kinda nit-pickey don’t you think?

  3. ksmallshm says:

    there isn’t space for a helmet so chicks can see you are a cool dude with a victory

  4. marvin li says:

    I agree with Kevin, reviewer having an off day. Needs a beer and a dirty woman, new set of balls and a fist fight.

  5. Kevin Naegele says:

    Horrible review….. audio is REALLY bad, and to much of his thoughts on price was not needed to compare to a bike with a different style. If the customer does not want a fairing does not care about how much the other bike coast. Over all talk about the things that matter, performance and handling. Hit on the quality. You guys can make better videos!

  6. aw3212 says:

    if i could getit with out the apes id buy it..to bad its a great bike

  7. Sandal Veda says:

    i think mat paint have a clear cot on top of it which is called EGG SHELL !!! well i am not quite sure…but on denim paint has it.

  8. munzeez21 says:

    when he starts talking about the controls, i feel glad that i picked the harley instead.

  9. sportster72rider says:

    well you still dont want nicks and scratches on your bike, but i do feel where you’re coming from

  10. beags1979 says:

    LOL really, so you think there are that many motorcycle gangs out there selling drugs. Do you really have any idea how many motorcyclist are apart of those types of gangs. I think you have been watching way to much Sons Of Anarchy. Also if you look at the pice of cars they are also going up in price along with motorcycles. Honesty reading though all of these posts you have posted, you sound extremely jealous and are just pissed off that they are out of your price range.

  11. beags1979 says:

    So that is why a new Honda CBR 600rr will run you ¥1,266,300 or $15,367 here in Japan. All because American motorcycle companies are forcing them to increase there prices over here..I don’t think so. What experience do you have with American bikes or any bikes for that matter? The neg opinions of millions doesn’t really matter when you also have millions of people that have pos opinions . I’m pretty sure being able to get 100,000+ miles on HD/Vic kinda makes them reliable, don’t you think.

  12. GlockNinja says:

    Japanese manufacturers but American dealerships. Trust me, the only reason high end Japanese bikes cost as much as Harley and Victory is because of GREED. Japan brought the standards up for quality but we brought up the price. The Honda Gold Wing is worth much more than a comparable Harley in reliability and ride quality and comfort. This is not my opinion…it is the opinion of millions of motorcycle riders.

  13. beags1979 says:

    Fit & finish on a Harley is far superior to most Japanese bikes. Yamaha has really high fit & finish and the price can also reflect it aka the vmax $19,500. When comparing a honda gold wing to a harley electra/road glide ultra they are very comparable in price. If you compare a dyna to a vtx they are also very comparable. A Yamaha Raider SCL is $19,990 which is about the same as a Victory Vegas. When it comes to reliability harley victory are just as reliable as any Japanese bike.

  14. kkingcrete says:

    really hard to take this guys opinion his oversized sweat shirt and aviator glasses.

  15. GlockNinja says:

    with bicycles, high end means better quality and materials. With motorcycles, its all about name brand and image. You can’t tell me a Harley or even a Victory is made better than a Kawasaki or a Honda. These bikes cost half as those so called “high end” bikes yet they are made better and last longer with fewer problems.

  16. beags1979 says:

    Have you price high end bicycles? My mountain bike was $3,500 and it isn’t even near the top end of bicycle prices. Same goes for motorcycles, you are comparing prices of high end motorcycles to bottom of the barrel automobiles.

  17. SteffiReitsch says:

    I love this bike! Cool styling. Great paint job as well. I’m sick to death of all the tacky, gaudy, garrish, too much chrome on so many bikes today.

  18. 0000stuart says:

    there’s a short film here on youtube of my victory hammer s called
    ( Victory Motorcycles build quality )
     it may be worth a look if you are thinking of buying a victory .

  19. Mackatax says:

    Nice looking bike, hideous headlight! Change that fucking thing Victory……..

  20. todwcampbell says:

    I love it! Looks great to me!

  21. johndoethepro says:


  22. Jayson Leavelle says:

    If someone gave me a brand new Harley, I’d trade it in on this Victory. I have owned both. Both, and Victory makes a better bike. The only people who say other wise are ones who never owned anything but a Harley.

  23. Cellulite King says:

    @ 2:17 he bitches about not being able to put an open face helmet in the saddle bags. YOU CAN’T PUT ONE IN A HARLEY SADDLEBAG EITHER!!!!

  24. jeepman1976 says:

    Wow, reading these comments, I actually lost brain cells. Yes, the Victory is a “metric” bike. However, it is still an American made bike. You guys are pretty much arguing about which goes better with pancakes, syrup or butter. My Jeep has all metric bolts. It was still made in Toledo and is an American vehicle. If you are arguing that Harleys are better than “Jap crap,” then you are an idiot. This argument died a long time ago. We are all motorcyclists, and all need to stick together out there.

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