Suzuki Hayabusa vs BMW K1300S Motorcycle Review

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32 Responses

  1. Kahuna76 says:

    The cockpit is plastic. No good luggage options. No heated grips. Bad brakes. Bad riding position. I could go on. The busa hasnt had updates in years.The King is dead. Just like BMW did with the S1000RR for racing. The k1300s is a newer better bike for sportstouring. It’s like a Harley Davidson. All you are left with is looks (if you like it) and image.

  2. Kahuna76 says:

    “I got my bike licence in 1 day rider course never rode before”
    “but when i saw it – knew it was way better than any other bike id seen by far”

    I take a 2 day safety cource every year. 1 day track, 1 day rinding around the cones, Corner braking with obstacles, safety stops, the works. Every year! You have a 1 day cource and a license? I’m amazed you aren’t dead. You can’t learn safety in 1 day. You can even tell the specs on a bike from the fairing. Your mother was right. You are special.

  3. thomasfrye3 says:


  4. kpb96m1 says:

    Sit up in the chair, get your hand out of your face and present yourself like a knowledgeable professional. Motousa is going down the tube these days if they is how they present reviews.

  5. Reginald Erasmus says:

    You obviously havn’t ridin Bm’s S1000RR

  6. Josh Gabriel says:

    This review is great the reviewer has hit the nail on the head comparing these bikes.

    Im an Aussie- in 2004 I got my bike licence in 1 day rider course never rode before. )

    I walked into a few bike shops the day before getting my licence ( i didnt know anything about suzuki or hayabusa or anything- but when i saw it – knew it was way better than any other bike id seen by far- no test ride and bought it.
    handled amazingly and great manageable power- anything ive ridden since feels as a toy

  7. knightlike101 says:

    Starting small and working your way up would be a better idea. But as long as you don’t get that hair up your ass to show off and you’re not use to the power these bikes have, you should be alright. A 600 is probably a good starter bike, but is still too much to start with for some. I’ve seen guys with 1000’s, thinking they’re big shots, destroy bikes because they’re inexperienced with the power. I know guys who are 6’5″ tall 220lbs on 600’s. Just be smart with what you decide to ride. 

  8. Sam Don says:

    THE K1300S IS UGLY

  9. Sam Don says:

    Okay I wanna get a busa. SOME say its too fast start small. SOME say get it and when you want the power with the busa itll be there. Now Ive look at other bikes but Im a big and tall guy. The other bikes are feeling too small to me. BEING A FIRST TIME RIDER. Is it possible I can ride this bike in first gear and never have to switch gears. Ive heard in first gear you can get up to 80mph. Well Im thinking that’s all I need to go. I just wanna look good riding:) and keep up with traffic.

  10. Joseph Guth says:

    Steve ,,, you are a FUCKIN GENIUS !! Great Choice of vocabulary when comparing bikes…..This is the first video i have watched of Motousa and i must say VERY IMPRESSIVE — Anyone that is a rider and promotes such knowledge is a pure blessing for ANYONE interested in becomming a part of the motorcycle world.

  11. Antony Robson says:

    This guy looks like a long distance touring rider! No. Not use to riding a big bike.

  12. RTiger19 says:

    Seems like thats the only way the busa win against any other bike. When it comes to power, it really sucks but they go by how it feels and handles. They pretty much compared this bike the same way they did with the zx12 years ago. The 12 had more power and was able to take off better than the busa but brakes and the way it handled just didnt match up to their needs. Which was crazy cause not all bikes feel the same. A busa could suck on all of those things as well to some other people

  13. jklsd says:

    That’s most likely because of the incredible name recognition Suzuki has achieved with the Hayabusa.

  14. thefivespokewheels says:


  15. Nick Golob says:

    hey what do you guys got playing in the background??

  16. fickdich selbst says:

    in your next vid dont talk about the bikes! ride this bitches!!! 😀

  17. MickNJ1979 says:

    and to add to what he said look at the rider they guy is short as hell he not sitting comfortable so the ride is crap but if your 5’8 + you will have no pm I am 6’6″ and i feel like that bike is an extension of me its so comfortable bmw needs to rethink their bike and seriously reconsider that price cause unless you a down hard bmw lover that bike is just going to sit on the sales floor the one near my house been there for 5 months i see it every day

  18. MickNJ1979 says:

    i looked at the bmw and for having that name I am very very very disapointed one the hp is crap i rode it as well as the 1300 busa but there is no comparison hands down its a better bike if you dont agree you did not ride them both

  19. Anthony LoFrisco Jr says:

    can you get it with training wheels?

  20. Drewrr284 says:

    not just cause i own a busa and being bias butttttttttttttttttttttttttt, a real man would by a busa, the pussy would buy the bmw. moral to the story

  21. ebowhutton says:

    This guy has his “long-haul pilot voice” perfected.

  22. geppegep says:

    this guy is high as a kite

  23. cloudyryan says:

    you have no clue how to take a bend as shown in the video, so to say the bmw doesn’t handle well holds no word of truth coming from your mouth, i own a 2006 k1200s and out-handle my friends on cbr600’s, btw if it falls into the bend thats better than drifting wide, i would also look up the fact that the k1300s and my own k1200s is faster to 120 than the busa

  24. Al G says:

    Sorry, but I would go with the K1300S any day!

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