2012 Victory Cross Country Tour Motorcycle Review

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  1. 0000stuart says:

    there’s a short film here on youtube of my victory hammer s called
    ( Victory Motorcycles build quality )
    it may be worth a look if you are thinking of buying a victory .

  2. shockhappens2 says:

    hahahahaha Walk then dumb ass…

  3. lakemead00 says:

    With the 13″ windshield, does the wind go above your head?

  4. Frank Sisung says:

    Then I guess it’s nothing.

  5. Rick Walker says:

    I have a 2010 XC. I added bag bars, iPod controller and 13 inch windshield ( I’m 6’2″ ).
    Engine heat at slower speed is appreciably less than the heat from my old Street glide.
    No burns on my passengers either, the heat shields really work.
    The Harley “brand” is finally fading from GF’s leg.

  6. thelb1977 says:

    I just bought one yesterday, and I love it. I bought it from a salesman that used to work for Harley, and he thinks this bike is much better than any harley on the market. My only complaint so far is the heat coming from the engine at slower speeds.

  7. mmesa005 says:

    The owner does not give the impression that the Victory is a brand he plans to stay with long term.

  8. Rafikki Rash says:

    Stubborn, ignorant fool.

  9. Rafikki Rash says:


  10. akaredcrossbow says:

    I’ve never liked Kawasaki motorcycles, but this ones not that bad.

  11. abbyguy says:

    Nothing then.

  12. marc melanson says:

    My next bike thanks for the video

  13. ddthorny says:

    It’s a Victory and has MORE power than a Hardley, costs less, more room, better air management, more torque and HP and better quality and is made in the USA.

  14. superbikemike12 says:

    well done vids…. love to hear real owners opinions…great stuff…. ;)

  15. masterofce says:

    It’s a Harley or it’s NOTHING.!!!!

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