Hubless Chopper, (The Hubless Monster) A Wicked Bike Without Rims that Rides!!

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29 Responses

  1. Stephen Cook says:

    very nice

  2. Next2Fire says:

    Cool concept but that bike is ugly as shit

  3. jock cross says:

    far out

  4. 20alphabet says:

    It has rims, and the rims ARE the hubs… just much larger.

  5. Johndelco223 says:

    That’s a cool bike….

  6. Edwyn Diaz says:

    This chopper is awesome.I have some concepts also info on the comic art.

  7. jayteezer says:

    This is one of the sickest designs EVER!!!

  8. Fletcher DeMaine says:

    So you think you’re a real biker ’cause you scooter to work of a morn? You’re no where near as cool as you think. More like a cartoon character.

  9. Sonny Fish says:

    Nice 🙂

  10. gino tortul says:

    ben voi CHI, intendevo…

  11. gino tortul says:

    xè una mericanada, dèi…, con tuta la pila che sti mati gà molà per ‘sto condoto de galàufer me ciolevo due kuncklehead, un panhead e tre o quatro shovel (che quel nol cori, nol frena, el tien strada come se el fossi in trip, ma al xè el più bel del mondo, ciò..). Quindi: a cagar sta roba onta de milioni, e cior roba figona come che se devi. E a chi che ghe piasi sti cessi: ndè in mona de savè ben voi!

  12. Earssss says:


  13. Neocide TheProGraM says:

    Without ‘Rims”
    What the hell your tires attached to then Humm?..

  14. melaunor says:

    great bike! It would be better if you ride w/ HELMET

  15. Wiesław Prządo says:

    ile kosztuje takie cudeńko?

  16. SignatureCha0s says:


  17. thuddpucker11 says:

    @0Heavy0Metal0 There are trolls with nothing else to do but trash what ever they see on youtube for the fun of it bro . They have no Idea of what they are talking about.

  18. thuddpucker11 says:

    cool design. I once thought of such a hubless bike too !

  19. Maksymm1226 says:

    dont want to be that guy but wouldn’t it be more efficient for the bearings to be in the center of the wheel

  20. Philly Blunt says:

    Hamster wheels.

  21. Richard Kaup says:

    talk about low center of gravity!

  22. GuzziHeroV50 says:

    Awesome technique, stunning looking machine.

    It is a great looking showbike but as a runner… ick! This looks like a great way to increase the rake angle even more than Harley’s already do, making them even more of a joke in corners. I once mullered a V-Rod rider in town on an RXS100… I could do the same to this bike with a Cub 50!

  23. Kowalx123 says:

    Its Cap of Chuck Norris

  24. superploc says:

    Rebuild player detected!

  25. makemespin says:

    Slim fit? :P

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