HJC Symax 3 Modular Helmet Review at RevZilla.com

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  1. Michael Lozano says:

    I’ve owned the Symax, Symax 2 and Symax 3, as it seems to be the best fit for my head shape. Of the three, this one is hands down the quietest and most comfortable. I also really like the change to the sunvisor release.

  2. RevZillaTV says:

    Thank you for the great feedback! ~Ali

  3. StrikeFiss says:

    Love this helmet. This review helped a lot in picking it out and I found it showcased the pros and cons very well. Keep up the great work, ZLA!

  4. ddurham2449 says:

    I bought this helmet after reading reviews and watching this video. A week after it arrived, went on a 6000+ mile ride. Love this helmet. Would like the inside visor to be darker. Also had to learn to push button on top to get visor down to lowest position. Would like this changed in the future. Highly recommend this helmet.

  5. perviousnbeaker says:

    Loved this video helped me decide on what helmet to buy and i love the symax III

  6. DonHarden says:

    Great, that is the one that I have.

  7. RevZillaTV says:

    From what I can see, it looks as though the J&M Elite 629 would work with this helmet. ~Ali

  8. DonHarden says:

    you talk about the Blue Tooth but so many of us that ride Gold Wings us the J & M headsets. I recently purchased a Modular Helmet from a bike shop and had to take it back because the J & M Headset would not work without having to cut the bottom lip out and file into the helment to get the boom mike clamp on. I was just not going to do that. Will this helpmet work for us tourning guys that us J & M headsets?

  9. RevZillaTV says:

    Thank you!

  10. RevZillaTV says:

    HJC did not provide weights for S or XS, but the large weighs in at 1778 grams. This is one of the few modular helmets that can take the Sena SMH10. You will likely need to use the adhesive mount over the built-in door for the HJC BT unit, but it will fit well inside the helmet.

  11. tracetibs says:

    Hi. Thanks again for another informative video! What is the weight of the HJC Symax 3 in size small & extra small please? Is it possible to fit the Sena SMH10 communicator on the Symax 3? Thanks.

  12. Tarzanelly says:

    My dealer has recognized this problem with me and has returned to the HJC all his symax iii. After that I bought a r-pha max and there is no problem with that!

  13. Tarzanelly says:

    The helmet was badly made, the accumulated water along the upper seal of the visor flow into two lateral holes flowing into the helmet

    Probably if you’re running there is the problem. But when you stop all the water dripping on the front of your helmet flow inside through the two holes.

    As you can see in this picture: img805.imageshack.us/img805/2455/symaxiiiwhite.jpg
    the holes are lower than the center of the visor

  14. 20031200 says:

    Does this water entering happen in a downpour or all the time? 

  15. Tarzanelly says:

    They did a horrible mistake. Water comes into the helmet into the upper part of the visor!!!
    Look here: img339.imageshack.us/img339/7112/img082n.jpg

  16. stevest1300 says:

    I’m searching for a hi-viz open face helmet. This Symax would be a bit of a departure for me but workable. I especially like the visor as I hate sunglasses as I always lose them.

    Any other open face (with large cheek plates) hi viz helmets available?

    And/or are there other helmets with this visor feature?

    By the way…your videos are great! You guys know your stuff.

  17. RevZillaTV says:

    It depends on the glasses but we have a lot of customers who do not have an issue at all!

  18. RevZillaTV says:


  19. badbeatking80 says:

    This is how you do a review….good job bro

  20. mogearz says:

    is it ok to ride with the chin bar up

  21. RevZillaTV says:

    The rear button actuates the internal visor and the front releases the modular mechanism. Thanks for watching!

  22. lensgrabber says:

    Anyone know what the square button on the front and rear do, if anything? The front is just under the vent and the rear just under the visor slide.

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