Knox Six Pack Motorcycle Rucksack / Backpack Review

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7 Responses

  1. meltonblackspider says:

    Informative…but boring…yawn..

  2. JollyRog3r88 says:

    no, it comes with it.

  3. Matt Champion says:

    did u say that you bought the laptob case/bag/sleeve thing seperate ?

  4. JollyRog3r88 says:

    ah that sucks, it was definitely included in mine!

  5. jajajacol says:

    The zips are stiff on mine as well. And I just realised I lost mine visor cover, arghh!! I was trying to find it recently and thought maybe it wasn’t included…

  6. JollyRog3r88 says:

    yeah I have heard that, my view is that spreading damage evenly is better than focused on one area. Also, the padding of the bag and laptop case provides a cushion (well, hopefully!). I think that may also be a reason why the bag is contoured to be small at the top and large at the top, but can’t say for sure!

  7. daffee360 says:

    Isn’t wearing a rucksack a bit dangerous on a bike? Since if you come off and land on your back the weight of the fall wouldn’t be distributed evenly along your back, as the rucksack sticks out. Thats a least what i have heard.

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