First Motorcycle Honda CBR250R Review and Test Drive

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  1. MrLaughingcorpse says:

    You need a good set of gloves. Insects, stones, etc. not to mention the wind drying out your skin fast. Always wear your gear.

    I had a tractor trailer blow a tire three cars ahead while doing 70 mph. Even back that far some tire rubber came up and smacked my mirror. Luckily nothing hit me. Was interesting to say the least.

  2. Callabris says:

    why bother complaining?

  3. HeliNetwork says:

    Its a toshiba camileo x200

  4. HeliNetwork says:

    yeah, Im going to do that next, maybe an install video as well

  5. Kenneth Ferrer says:

    what camera are you using? it seems to have a 3d effect on reviewing the bike

  6. Cody Young says:

    Yea, I have never rode a bike before and I think this is gonna be my first one. You should do a fender eliminator kit.

  7. Youblixuous says:

    Is everyone that posts these “reviews” high on barbiturates? Christ it is hard to find an actual review… Congrats on your new bike.

  8. antiTrash says:

    Why even bother posting this crap?

  9. HeliNetwork says:

    yeah, I’ve done that a couple time, still getting used to it, can’t hear it like in a car, but I’m getting there.

  10. BUSTABros says:

    lol you forgot to turn off your signals

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