2008 Ducati 848 – Supersport Motorcycle

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  1. hamme2jf says:

    @AssHat2: Ok dipstick, please just off yourself. ( preferably BEFORE you manufacture spawn ;-) ) You said in your, oh-so-attentive-to-detail-post two years ago, “so why do people continue to knock the 848 because its not as powerful as the 1098″. Then you turn around and claim, ” I said nothing about them comparing anything specific”. — derp That seemed to be a very specific generalized statement. Also, a statement that suggested that you misheard the guy in the video. You go tough guy! :-*

  2. Assjanitor2 says:

    Hey, hey, good one. Good one, really ! If you were litterate, you would’ve read that I said nothing about them comparing anything specific; but rather a generalized statement about comparing the two PERIOD (with the exception of $). I said as an example (keyword there Buddy), that you never hear anyone comparing UP a class, unless it’s a complement to the lower class. Maybe brainstorm a little before typing without thinking… DIck. P.S. way to comment on a 2 year old post Sport 😉

  3. hamme2jf says:

    if you listen, he was comparing the brembo calipers on the 848 to the 1098, not the motor…

  4. hamme2jf says:

    if you listen, he was comparing the calipers on the 848 to the 1098 not the motor…

  5. DontTestTheX says:

    Had my 848 for 3 years now…20,000miles. Awsome bike. Only thing lacking for me is a bit more grunt out of the corners compared with 1198 (if we can compare these two)…so he’s got it slightly wrong there. Gotta really rev it, which is hard in slow corners coz 1st gear is pretty useless.

  6. root9king says:

    – They have to test it with the 600 Supersport class, there’s nothing else to compare it to besides the GSXR750 and the 600s. The 750 class is gone, so the 848 is raced in the Daytona Sportbike class because it’s allowed in that class as a twin w/ more displacement, but it is a sub par race package compared to 600cc, 4cyl race bikes. If the Superbike class were still 750cc, the 848 never would have been produced because they’d be racing 999 or 1098 in that class.

  7. root9king says:

    – Excellent point, just ask Colin Edwards how badass that bike was!

  8. TopGearAmerica says:

    I’m 6’4″ 240 and I fit on the bike… I use it as a race bike tho… something about sportbikes you need to get use to is none of them are comfy on the road

  9. TopGearAmerica says:

    In the past the 749/748 was simple a re-displaced 999/998… the chassis was the same, the 848 has different forks, shock, brakes… people got use to the smaller Duc being the same as the big boy but less power now the 848 is sort of it own bike… I have 1 and I love it, huge step from the 749, fantastic bike

  10. M3Inline6 says:

    As an 848 owner who came from a GSXR 600, your logic makes no sense.

  11. HITMAN45742 says:

    cool cheers

  12. HITMAN45742 says:

    is the 848 faster than my 2002 r6?

  13. HITMAN45742 says:

    yes ur just about the perfect hight max wirght probs 160kg

  14. Revax30 says:

    Japenese bikes sound like my moms sewing machine, ( no offense. 🙂 ) The Duc’s have it.

  15. fitzmorris says:

    i gree with you, but have you riden the ducati? because when i did the sound made so much more sense! always as a by-stander i would say the jap engines evey time but when riding the ducati wins!

  16. bigace511 says:

    no ducati sucks

  17. spanishboogie says:

    lol your wack

  18. Flipnoy808 says:

    would this fit someone who is 5 foot 11? also, whats the max weight a person can ride this bike?

  19. bigace511 says:

    sounds like shit, (no offense Ducati riders) but id rather a Yamaha R1.

  20. andre champretavy says:

    only the best….. ducati

  21. livetodrift086 says:

    yeah here in the u.s its about 3k more or at least was when i got mine in 2008 lol. i think they raised it to $14k now for the exact same bike, go figure lol. you wont be disappointed at all its the best bike ive ever been on.

  22. fitzmorris says:

    no unfortunately i don’t own one yet :-(. but i went to a test day last sunday and i will be buying one soon!! i was very impressed with the 848 and in England they are only £2000 or so more than the 600 jap sportbikes and i think worth it!

    (btw i own the bandit 650s k6).

  23. livetodrift086 says:

    you’re completely right. do you have an 848 too or own another ducati?

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