MiniBikers – Chapter 3×08 – 2012 German Grand Prix

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25 Responses

  1. SennaRossiFan46 says:

    Can you imagine of making some vids of the greatest races of the past years e.g. Barcelona 2009 or Laguna Seca 2008 ?

  2. sylburn22 says:

    loves the fishman!!and lots of details than have their importances. that’s a good work!!!

  3. Skells22 says:

    it is up the minidriver british GP, did you not see the start of this, when both motogp & F1 are on same day (like last week) it will depend on who get lights out 1st, as it was the motorbikes that got going 1st it get the mini on Wed and F1 on Friday, next time that will happen is on july 29 with F1 cars therefore 1st thanks to time diff from USA

  4. Axelc86 says:

    Lol sorry, wrong window…

  5. Axelc86 says:

    Nokia lumia 800

  6. nickgnaime says:

    the “voices” are so damn annoying!

  7. kimiisthebest2 says:

    where is the f1 british gp chapter?

  8. wolffan94044 says:

    Is minidrivers British GP coming soon?

  9. TheComplaintsBook says:

    I love it how they say “Yamaha!”

  10. peterdaviesracing says:

    Honda must surely be cheating, using Transformer Bikes is against the rules, no?:P

    Bradl must be happy about the comeback of “the rolling stoner”:D

    Nice video:)

  11. dimasteng says:

    great race for dani…!!!

  12. GoMercGP says:

    Where is the F1 British GP?

  13. GoMercGP says:

    Where is the F1 British GP?

  14. vidiansyah says:

    Ko pas d present lma ke buka nya ya..hadeuhh..

  15. gzhde says:

    great work man great work

  16. camiel221 says:

    great job mate cant wait for the MD to keep it up. please never quit!

  17. GrandPrixYannick says:

    he ‘borrowed’ it from him. special thanks to Kimi, who did not just stole helmets 🙂

  18. DaNi11050 says:

    Dani <3

  19. Schu Macher says:

    1:25 – Kimi Raikkonen face 

  20. tricky458 says:

    the winner finger i mean :(

  21. tricky458 says:

    Are vettel and stoner friends
    or have stoner steal winner the finger???????

  22. barneynward says:

    Amazing vid, let Los Minidrivers and Bikers go on forever and ever 🙂

  23. Bacsatoma says:

    stoner have one vettel finger LOL

  24. ManuelRossifan46 says:

    Great Stufff 😀

  25. Luca Russo says:

    The end is so funny!

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