laro pro street 350 review

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  1. LUKEROZAY says:

    ok nws Champ …well im goin to laro in wethrill park this week to see wat they have to offer but ill post a vid soon n show u wat ive done ..but cheers for the help.

  2. tmccread says:

    i put my pipes on and reset the ecu, but i just had slip ons that leave the cat it. but in saying that i have removed the cat now and it seemed ok but its definetly noticable in the high rev range plus i have no idea were to get a tune i havnt looked hard but i want one so i can get the idle down abit.

  3. 88LukeJones says:

    nuh i bought a 2012 from blacktown for 6k was a Bargain … but i wanna put hi flow pipes on …but would i have to tune the bike before i put the exhaust on …or will resseting the computer do it ..

    plus ive been looking overseas for custome parts n see what people have done to the bike…

  4. tmccread says:

    were in livo? aitken moved to ctown who else does em

  5. 88LukeJones says:

    Cheers mate ur a champ..i just bought one from liverpool maybe i can get some pointers off yah ..once i get her on the road..

  6. tmccread says:

    if ur famila with Wollongong ill be putting a vid up soon going down kierra and up mt ozzly witch is at some points a 1 in 6 gradient and i can sit nicly at 80klm going up

  7. IronMaidenRules333x2 says:

    Oh that sounds good man, I just like the style of the Laro Pro Street and I weigh 78kgs. Im not bothered by speed, 140km/h is plenty by my standards, I’m just in it to enjoy the ride and rumble of the bike, if i was after speed i’d be getting a road bike. Aside from that, how does she go on fuel consumption? And final question, how does the bike handle inland hill cruising? like in your vid.

  8. tmccread says:

    yeah ill try and through a vid together this week u can easily cruise at 11o at 1/8th throttle i got maybe 14o top but its reving out.. if ur 6’2 and 150ish kgs then u’ll get the samish. u can get a rear sprcket kit but i dont wanna lose my bottom end. if u wanna got fast on a l’s cruiser go the vstar 650 with a set of vance and hines but if like the style then the laros good i’ve been on long rides dow\n the coast and it done fine on the open road,

  9. IronMaidenRules333x2 says:

    Hey Man, whats the fastest you’ve gotten the Laro to? I notice the gauge is redlining at 120km/h already, just wanna know what the top speed would be without damaging the bike too much? And are you able to upload those hill run videos you have at the very end of this one, just without the clip sped up? Cheers Man 🙂

  10. tmccread says:

    disconnect the battery, some ecu’s take 10 mins some 2 hours i leave it over night then reconnect connect in the morning let it idle for 5mins then ur set, its no reflash it just lets the ecu set a new base reading

  11. 88LukeJones says:

    hey mate how do u reset the computer ..cheers

  12. tmccread says:

    dont no who u r, nor do i really care keyboard warrior

  13. MaxRedKadett says:

    So, you think that noisy and chewed sound produced by the mic on your camera is good!? And it’s making this video pretty fucking amazing? No, dude, it’s not like that! Nice bike – crap talking! Дебил все равно!

  14. tmccread says:

    TRANSLATE= fuck! what language are you talking about? fucking do not understand. moron - ruined the video. dude its called English the worlds most common language

  15. MaxRedKadett says:

    блять! на каком языке ты говоришь? нихуя не понять. дебил – испортил видео

  16. tmccread says:

    sure do, and theres nothin wrong with that, i currantly own 2 china bikes this one and a little 200 and there everything i expected and more, little dramas here and there but i bought them knowing it’ll happen, if ur not capable of tigthing a few nuts and bolts or making simple repairs u should be on a bike simple. nearly everything comes outta china or taiwan now.

  17. 4evermetalhead says:

    to be honest it looks nice with this colours and everything but you do know that its made in china right?
    what is the current state of the bike?mechanically and so on?

  18. tmccread says:


  19. CouldntDecideAName1 says:

    hahahahahaha the engines pushing and the exhaust is saying ‘fuck you’ made my night

  20. Rory Ellis says:

    Thanks heaps legend!!!

  21. tmccread says:

    mate go to ur nearest MCAS and the called turn out slip ons if they done have then the auban store does and get them to get it from them they have a huge range of slip ons, $120 for both sold seperatly $60. cut off the shit ones and slip it on.!! best 120 i spent in a while, once there on make sue u reset the ecu now that it flows more.

  22. Rory Ellis says:

    Who did your pipes mate? where abouts and the price would be much appreciated! I just bought this exact model. Cheers

  23. tmccread says:

    me 240 fro my 1st service and i got my 5k one coming up shortly.

  24. tmccread says:

    never ever new about the johnnypag bikes yeah its the same just badged different same as the hunter and royal regal there all the same bike. i dont really have any issue going slow i mannage to filter threw trafiic and about 10klm plus ur not far off the ground so its easy to drop ur feet if u have to. as for saddle bags and other accessories theres not much for the bike but its not a hard bike to work with if u get generic bags. not sure about servicing cost it just depends on ur dealer it cost

  25. nataj009 says:

    Nice bike.
    Nice to hear Blink 182 in the background.

    I was thinking of the Hyo gv250 as a commuter, then came across the Laro. Know nothing about them, except they seem like the Johnny Pag bikes.

    Interested to know how you find the low speed handling with such a huge front tyre ?

    Couple of things can you get saddle bags and what about parts & servicing ?

    Congrats on the bike, looks good & sounds sweet.

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