Aprilia Scarabeo 250cc 2007 Scooter Motorcycle Ride Review

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21 Responses

  1. 2011Topper says:

    Thanks for the video, gives me incentive to get my Scarabeo 150 up and running. Great riding skills.

  2. control177 says:

    i think ppl forget just how nimble the humble little scooter can be i’ve seen 50cc scoots pull turns that would have wiped bigger sport bikes.

  3. meatspice says:

    Nice Italiano Scoot!

  4. kono287 says:

    You rock big-time on that scooter, hats off to you dude, excellent!

  5. 28norman says:

    Aprilia Scarabeo scooters are not made in China.

  6. 04scarabeo500 says:

    great to have you back with music…missed it! Do you still have the 500?

  7. brimoton says:

    Cool vid man. I used to bomb all these very roads back in the day. To be living over a thousand miles away and not have been there in years and then see this is just sooo sweet! Thanks. And if you take requests then maybe Latigo and Corral Cyn. too.

  8. micbergsma says:

    HAHAHA!!! love the beginning! bye bye cruiser!

  9. OnlineScooterGuide says:

    Was browsing and saw your video – looks cool

  10. johanngrahamjakob says:

    Haha! This should teach those fat bastards! (I bet they don’t even know how to spell cruiser correctly.) Up the scoots. By the way, does anyone know where I can get Aprilia Scarabeo 250 spare parts shipped to Mexico? It’s sort of difficult to get them around here.

  11. loveiswithus says:

    RESPECT scooter man!

  12. Hobbiekip says:

    Thats not true.
    Are you some chinese bike seller?

  13. hanussen75 says:

    WMG fuck you!

  14. blubeo says:

    Hey Peter, we all miss you at aprilia forum.

  15. rakuchina says:

    Just put the “original” sound or wind noises back to the video already. It’s crazy watching this great video in silent mode… WMG sux!

  16. Nelsontim64 says:

    Great video.I drove a Ford F-250 to work sold that monster and purchase a Honda 250 Reflex,crusing 70 on the frwy. also purchase a 1966 mustang and had a few thousand to spare.

  17. cosaro says:

    I would very much doubt even the scooters they import into australia are of quality.
    The dealer support for the Vmoto brand is RUBBISH.A large company called Team Moto in Brisbane spent $250k on the first shop and then a further $280k on the replacement shop, just 2 minutes down the road. The scooters kept comming back with issues much higher than a japanese scooter. Sue me if I say this but Chinese isnt ready for Australia.

  18. Watthiman says:

    Let me rephrase my last sentence. You could spend $1500 and get a bike that compares to a $3500 Japanese bike in MANY ways not every way. The Japanese bikes still build better bikes but you are going to pay double or triple the price. If it’s worth it to you, go for it. It’s like a buying a Chevy compared to a Toyota. Most people will pick a Toyota over a similarly priced Chevy but what if the Chevy was HALF or a THIRD the price. Ya might be willing to give up a little to save a LOT.

  19. Watthiman says:

    NOT TRUE! There are many manufacturers of scooters in China. They range in quality, Some are excellent. Many imports models have been on the roads in Asia and Europe for years and have excellent reliability records. All bikes are not created equal but because of standardised Production techniques in the modern world, even the lesser bikes are pretty good. The days of Junk from China are over. You can spend $1500 and get a bike that compares to a $3500 Japanese bike in virtually every way.

  20. wisgliebau says:

    Haha, well… I heard enough about how bad things can be, but between the warranty and my dad being a full-time mechanic (He used to build motorcycles as well) I think I can handle driving one around for a few months. Actually used the purchase to build my credit which was nice, because it will help me financing an Italian scooter later. Hopefully all will work out. Thanks though! XD

  21. cosaro says:

    Oh dude please dont buy a chinese scooter. They are ALL terrible. Even the good brands. There all shite, I work at a place that fixes everything, and chinese are utter fucks to fix, and are made of cheese. PLEASE dont buy it.

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