Dainese Torque Motorcycle Boots Review from Sportbiketrackgear.com

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  1. withoutequal66 says:

    I just ordered these boots from you guys and i love them. Only issue is a slight hot spot on my right big toe joint. Ive only put a few hours in them so far. Will they break in at that area? Left boot is spot on.

  2. kiroc89 says:

    I’m looking at the speed and strength twist of fate 2.0 suit and these boots…is it critical to get the OUT style with anything but a Dainese suit?

  3. hiimbong says:

    hey van!
    i’m about to replace my 1.5 year old torque out boots.
    what do you recommend? i love the torque outs, they’re really comfy and not flashy so when i wear jeans they look great, but i see more people rockin and recommending sidi vertigo’s and alpinestars smx+’s. i wanna know what you think, gonna use it primarily for street, but a few track days out of the year too.

  4. sparkru says:

    hai buttato via i soldi

  5. GOZR says:

    It would be good to have teh Dainese Torque PRO review… Thanks this is a great way to show the products.. I love the videos an

  6. htse009 says:

    Is it waterproot?

  7. yammieR12003 says:

    The axial system in the dainese torque’s offer great ankle protection. “Seemingly” is the key word: the hard plastic on the A*’s/Sidis may look impressive, many of their models will still allow your ankle to roll in the event of a crash.

  8. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    I feel they would do the job. This is a good boot for sure.

  9. bradgoodson says:

    do you think these boots offer sufficient protection for a track-only boot? or would the alpinestars, pumas, or sidis offer better protection for the track? these dainese torque out boots seem very flexible, whereas some of the other boots seem to have more hard plastic offering a more rigid boot, with seemingly more protection.

  10. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    You are welcome! Thanks for the kind words

  11. cshodon says:

    I’m new to the motorcycle world. Having said that, I’m very impress with your level of knowledge on the vast array of products! You been a great deal of help to me. Thanks!!! Keep the videos coming…PEACE

  12. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    The TCX boots and certain Alpinestars boots offer good width

  13. boker644 says:

    Hi, I have this OCD-like obsession that I need to have sufficient toe room to wiggle my toes; I’m thinking this might pose a problem for motorcycle boots.

    -Do you have any suggestions possibly?

  14. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    The Puma are a track boot, heavy and mmore difficult to put on. The Sidi and the Dainese are the best options. For street only the Dainese offers a more dialed down look, are easy to put on and offer racing style protection. The Sidi Vertigo are comfortable and protective. They have a more race look than the Dainese. I think you would like either of the Sidi or Dainese. Choose based on the look, they are both very good

  15. Yellow141 says:

    What would you suggest for street riding, the Dainese Torques, SIDI Vertigos or the Puma 1000s and why?

  16. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    very comfortable to walk in in my opinion

  17. jake011386 says:

    would these boots allow you to walk comfortably?

  18. 1boidae says:

    Thanks so much for your reply and insight, Brian. This is one of the reasons I value you, your staff and the items you carry so much…..and the customer service all of you deliver is truly a *rare find* nowadays. All of you are definitely second to none!

    Keep up your excellent work 😉

  19. Sportbiketrackgear says:

    This boot is more protective than the Alpinestars S-MX 4 boot. The S-MX 4 is more of a touring/street riding boot. The Torque is a racing boot which can easily be worn on the street.

  20. Sportbiketrackgear says:


  21. Shezsheridan says:

    I’d like to express my genuine appreciation for your online reviews & for the consistent quality of information you provide to the public. It’s refreshing to watch a review by people who actually understand the products to this level.

    I work as a designer in the moto-apparel industry. As we’re not in direct contact with the consumers, it’s often difficult to convey the complexity/functional rational for each piece that constitutes the final product.

  22. Shezsheridan says:

    These videos tell far more than any magazine review/tech sheet ever can. Keep up the good work.

  23. 1boidae says:

    Which boot would you prefer as far as safety and features are concerned….this boot or the Alpinestarts S-MX 4 boot?

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