Royal Enfield Bullet 500 Classic Motorcycle Review

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  1. hoohoohoblin says:

    That’s a great tip. Thanks. The rubber bump stop is huge and gets in the way. On USA models, the crossover brake lever also will drag on the ground if you use the rear brake when turning. It’s not a good idea to brake while turning anyway, but if you do, you’ll feel the brake linkage grind on the ground as the pedal bounces back up. I’m going to do a right-foot-shift conversion, which will cure that problem.

  2. notwocdivad says:

    Hi Hoohoohoblin, Really enjoyed the video, I noticed in a comment of yours (not this video) about things catching when cornering, If by this you mean the centre stand there is a partial cure. If you look under the bike at the stand near the pivot at the bike you will probably see a rubber bump stop, Take this off and just fit a thin piece of rubber inner tube or the like. This lets the stand lift further out of the way. Make the rubber as thick or thin as you like. Hope this helps Cheers


    In India, if you dont own a Bullet 500, your not Indian

  4. hoohoohoblin says:

    Used ones are pretty cheap. I paid $2,300 for this one, which is a 2001 model. Check eBay to see what they’re going for in your area. They aren’t sold in all 50 states, so you may not find one in yours. New Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycles are $5,999 and up in the USA.

  5. BomChickyBowWow says:

    how much do one of these cost nowadays?

  6. theamazinbagman says:

    well when you run into a pedestrian with one of them on it used chop their legs off 🙂 so i dont think they re road legal in britain anymore

  7. LOCO4MOTOS says:

    What year is your Bullet 500,and is it a UK made model ?

  8. hoohoohoblin says:

    I’m not sure if they’re legal or not. It’s an aftermarket add-on the previous owner installed to make it look more British.

  9. theamazinbagman says:

    You should paint blood on the front registration plate, im suprised they re still legal in parts of amerca

  10. hoohoohoblin says:

    Thanks! I haven’t taken an EFI model for a ride yet, but they look great, and I hear they’re more reliable and have a higher top speed.

  11. FlowHowler says:

    Have you tried one of the new EFi model? i’ve got one of them, a 2010 (got it in april 2011) DLX modified (the new exhaust is horrible and i’ve got a new 2seats), it’s my first motorcycle 🙂
    Really love all your vids ^^

  12. hoohoohoblin says:


  13. emilxt says:

    Nice video, good camera work!

  14. hoohoohoblin says:

    Mine leaks too, but with the loud muffler, I don’t notice any extra noise. When the bike was wet sumped, some oil came out of the head where the pipe connects, so I know it isn’t a tight seal. Enfield designed the pipe to pressure fit into the head and be held on by the bolts that secure the lower part of the exhaust pipe and muffler to the frame. I don’t know how else to seal it. Nfieldgear sells heat sink rings for the pipe, but they are for looks rather than sealing.

  15. Drobium77 says:

    Great videos matey!

    Can I ask a question about your exhaust?

    On my enfield classic, the exhaust header pipe fits directly into the cylinder with not collet.
    Sometimes the thing vibrates free and I’ve never been able to seal the thing properly so it doesn’t blow a little.
    Have you had the same problem and if so, how have you managed to seal the headder?

    I only ask coz yours goes straight iinto the head too.

  16. hoohoohoblin says:


  17. HomesickAlaskan says:

    great review, thanks for sharing

  18. hoohoohoblin says:

    @Lebowskisan Ha ha! Well said! When I shoot video of bikes I like to do it in 1080p, go slow, and show every angle. It’s about showing people the bike, not showing off how many different angles or video effects you can cram into a few minutes.

  19. hack2it says:

    Your right on waiting for parts on these bikes, but from India? I get mine from the main dealer in Minnesota since most times my main dealer doesn’t carry the part/parts I need. Wow they started selling them that late in Cal? Your lucky to have a second bike to ride, this is the only one I have to ride.

  20. hoohoohoblin says:

    It’s the same for me when something breaks. They just started selling Enfield Bullets here in 2010, so no one has parts in stock for the older ones. I have to wait weeks for parts to arrive from India. Fortunately, I have another motorcycle to ride while I’m waiting.

  21. hack2it says:

    🙂 Thank’s! Just had to order a part, but it’s still running w/a temp fix, till the part comes via ups. Pesky cam screws!!

  22. hoohoohoblin says:

    You got that right. If the older ones weren’t so rare in California, I would have bought one with a lot less miles and abuse. That said, it’s easy to work on, and parts are really cheap when ordered directly from India.

  23. hack2it says:

    Nice Bullet!! I have a 08′ w/electric and ride it daily. Found that it depends on who owned it and who works on it, that it will run right or wrong. In all a great bike for those who love a classic.

  24. hoohoohoblin says:


  25. bkid19 says:

    Also love you maintenance videos ! awesome !!

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