Motorcycle Review: Hofia Sunday 250MB

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25 Responses

  1. halfthrottle says:

    Chinese bikes tend to have different names in different markets.

  2. SuperAUTOBOTS says:

    Its Called A Kandi Cyclone. Or MC-95.But The Manufacturer Is Kandi And The Name Of The Model Is A Cyclone

  3. Charles2337 says:

    Blatant rip off of the Canam Spyder.

  4. royalbizarre says:

    you recomend this  bike?

  5. KeithCindyPanama says:

    WARNING : That’s why you won’t find Chinese cars in the us, like the Chinese Cherry we saw 1 in the Panama News that was crushed like a coke can when it hit another Toyota Terrcel.

  6. halfthrottle says:

    Yeah that would be fun to make a video of.

  7. NAMTRIP says:

    HT,what about one of those Hot dog/juice carts that have a motorcycle with the front wheel off mounted to It,I know youve had to of seen one by now,Yeah?

  8. skatepeak says:

    It sounds terrible. It looks slow. And the built quality i suspect, is no better.

    I’d like it if you’d review a classical old panamanian moped 😀

    No gears, no beltdrive. Just a plain slow old sketchy moped 😀
    best regards, scandinavia.

  9. dahveed284 says:

    M13 was bad mouthing the Chinese scooters and he’s a lot closer to the source of the parts than you or I. Its actually sort of nice to be able to go buy something and NOT have it made it China these days.

  10. dahveed284 says:

    The MP3 is supposed to be a good ride. I’d like to try one.

  11. halfthrottle says:

    I’ve seen Chinese scooters brand new from the factory with parts that need to be replaced. And you are right it’s impossible to find them.

  12. halfthrottle says:

    They say more people in China speak English than in the U.S. But a lot of the stuff they try to market to Americas has the worst names ever.

  13. halfthrottle says:

    I’m sure there are nicer aftermarket seats, don’t know about the break down problems. But these are a good option for people with hip and knee problems that could get into trouble on a 2 wheeled bike.

  14. halfthrottle says:

    Yeah that would be a good idea for tourists to put around on.

  15. halfthrottle says:

    I’ve ridden an MP3 it was a lot of fun. Just makes you want to ride in figure 8’s all day long.

  16. ThePhiltastic says:

    what a can-am knock off

  17. rusty7two says:

    Halfthrottle I’ve ridden a Can-Am and its about the same as the knock off. never felt stable and handling felt very twitchy…..

  18. dbauernf says:

    You might wanna try the Piaggio MP3 for some proper 3 wheel leaning experience..

  19. funatfullthrottle says:

    I saw a group of 3 wheelers today, trikes however, one was homebuilt, it looked dodgy as and had the gear stick between the knees of the driver. Would be a strange machine to ride

  20. 808yewtube says:

    I can see that as something for tourists to rent…

  21. arekzed says:

    how come i see the humour in this bike.

  22. MyYogiB says:

    I have been thinking about buying a Spider. I asked a rider about his while he was fixing a over heating problem on his Spider. He said, There are O.K. But, the rear seat is to small for his wife to ride on it for long. So, his was broke down and was not comfortable to ride.

  23. hawaiisidecar says:

    I would need at least 250GB.

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