Dirt Bikes – Honda CRF450X Off Road Motorcycle Review

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30 Responses

  1. JZ67SS says:

    WR450F won these guy’s off-road challenge back in 2006-07. Im sure its won more. 

  2. chbaseballisbest says:

    check out my page, thanks

  3. 13kcallahan says:

    does the smog block kit help performance?

  4. redc5vetteguy says:

    congratulations, your the FIRST person i’ve heard of who rides that has uses “fur shizzle” in they’re vocabulary… does your bike have cadillac emblems all over it by chains? gold chains? a wall clock? i have to know haha

  5. redc5vetteguy says:

    Ya honda’s and they’re flat tires……. WTF dude… haha and chain coming off? tighten it… problem solved

  6. duramax176 says:

    Go with the Honda!! I’ve had yamaha and hated it so I switched to Honda and I would never switch again. Great bike!!!

  7. MrMasta23 says:

    im 14, about 140-150 lbs, and about 5’6″ what would be a recomended bike from any brand (kawasaki,suzuki, honda etc.)? im not a rich badass, so i cant spend like $4000+ on a bike. and im a beginner too. $3500 is my maximum. i live out in the country and want a good off road bike(not motocross). i also ATLEAST want 100cc or above. any suggestions??

  8. slspg says:

    still can’t decide if i go for a wr450 or crf450

  9. UNSCspartanLT110 says:

    the only problems i have with hondas are flat tires and the chain coming off other than that very reliable

  10. pittster174 says:

    My dad has one of these and I ride it more than him even though its a trail bike I take to the track it handles very well and they last not one bad thing on this bike

  11. rideredification says:

    omg this guys cant even ride.. like what the fk.. give me that bike ill tear it up. fur shizzle/

  12. FEZZYPOWNS says:

    1002222000000 doll hairs


    first depends were you live some places you cant even do it otheres it is very expensive to liscnse but just for the kit such as lights blibkers ECT ur lookin at only 300$ im not sure if the kit i saw had a spedo with it some you may need another 150-200$ quite cheap i live in seattle and cant legalize dirt bikes =(

  14. CnRDirt says:

    My friend got the 06 crf250x, it’s a fun trail bike, but I like my Yz better

  15. pichette123456789 says:

    what would you guys recommend for a dirt for me i am 14 and 110 lbs i would like to race outdor and indoor

  16. UndaThaRug says:

     lol whatever

  17. Slipdirtbiker says:

    and you replied to me why?

  18. xvickex says:

    Its so ugly …. E.t.c

  19. Slipdirtbiker says:

    where we ride here in wyoming the rocks are pretty bad. look up inyan kara enduro and it will say something like NEPG national endur round 6 and the last part of section 6 we ride there. the video is from adrenalinevision

  20. armyranger75dept says:

    yeah right

  21. ryanpaugh says:

    pfffffft… dude eats shit going over simple bed of rocks. lollers. learn how to ride if youre gonna review a bike.

  22. Slipdirtbiker says:

    no joke they have their feet down like theyre gonna wreck and im 13 ive been through worse and got through it better than they did. lol

  23. vgamedude12 says:

    I need a damn dirt bike. I live in Kentucky and don’t own one. I am a disgrace to my state.

  24. Magnedudewon2 says:

    these bikes are weak. check out my channel for sum real power

  25. bandguy360 says:


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