Buell Harley-Davidson M2 Cyclone Motorcycle Review Video

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  1. hoohoohoblin says:

    You’ll love it! Tube frame Buells are great motorcycles, and the S3T comes with luggage and a good windshield for long rides. 2002 is the best year to get, as well, as all the recall issues were dealt with, and the engine makes more power than the early models.

  2. NorCalSaint says:

    Great vid! I have a 2002 S3T being delivered in 2 days and can’t wait…

  3. savagele says:

    NRHS’s customer service is second to none! This company is a godsend for v-twin owners!

  4. hoohoohoblin says:

    You’re welcome. The Bandit and Buell are both worth around the same amount, so it would be pretty close to a trade.  I haven’t modified the Buell yet, but that 1250 kit sounds like big fun.

  5. savagele says:

    Thanks for the review! I’m actually thinking of selling my 2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200N for an ’01-’02 M2 Cyclone. It would be the perfect canyon carving cousin to my ’94 Sportster. My Sporty has an NRHS 1250 big bore kit. The same kit also bolts on to the Cyclone. NRHS’s shop bike, also a Cyclone, makes 124rwhp with this kit with other bolt-ons. That would make for a super fun to ride M2!

  6. hoohoohoblin says:

    You’re welcome. I’ve met guys who are 5 foot 7 and wear the same size pants as me, so I thought I’d better mention it. The Buell is a great sporty standard motorcycle. I’m really happy with it.

  7. opmike343 says:

    Thank you for also listing the length of your inseam and not just your height. Height tells us nothing, as one could be tall yet have legs like Johnny Bravo.

  8. mmesa005 says:


    Thank you for the kind words and thanks for posting the video!

  9. hoohoohoblin says:

    I test drove one of the newer Buells, but it was too tiny for me. It sure could go around a corner, though, and it made a lot of power. Someday I’d like to get a Ulysses. For now, the old M2 Tuber is the perfect balance of speed and comfort, with the comfy seat, high bars, and low foot pegs. I hope Buell is able to come back and create a range of new bikes for different types of riders.

  10. JM76Miller says:

    I had a 96 S2 and now have an 09 Ss. As much as I think my Ss may be the better bike I still want my S2 back. 🙂

  11. hoohoohoblin says:

    The White Lightning is a great motorcycle. Sportier in focus than my Cyclone, and it will probably have more collector value in the future. You made the right choice.

  12. mmesa005 says:

    I just purchased a 2002 X1 White Lightning. I really wanted a tube frame version vs. the later fluids in the fame versions. I also like the fact that the bike is more unique than the more common metric bikes. People are surprised when they hear the engine start, idle, and run.
    You will see a customized version of the bike in the movie Ghost Rider.

  13. hoohoohoblin says:

    You’re welcome. The Buell Cyclone is a great motorcycle. I rarely see any other ones on the road where I live. I doubt it will ever become a valuable collectors item, but it might. In the meantime, it’s great fun to ride.

  14. maartenbuitelaar says:

    Wow you definately changed my mind, I want one!!! They are more rare to find in Holland though plus the prices are way higher. A 2000 M2 would go for around 4.5k Euro thats around 6.5k$. None theless I still want one! Thanks

  15. oeyesea says:

    i’d rather have that than a sportster

  16. gordonemoore says:

    H-D coulda styled it like an XR dirt tracker or a little Sportster, or had a coupla different looks like with the Big Twins. The Blast is more or less the front cylinder from a Sportster anyway. You would have to change a lot to stuff one in an RE. Try it. I’ll come visit ya in Camarillo. Heh.

  17. hoohoohoblin says:

    I have thought about putting a Buell Blast engine into my Royal Enfield. Also, I think Harley could have built their own little British-looking entry-level bike using the Blast engine in a classic-looking frame. If they priced it in the $5,500 range, they could have sold a ton.

  18. gordonemoore says:

    I see what ya mean about the comments. Heh. My wife has an ’05 Buell Blast, perfect bike for the inseam-challenged like she is. Her ’65 500 Triumph was getting a little long in the tooth for her. She likes the electric starting and the good brakes and the low seat height. The thing corners like a weasel in a drainpipe! It’s put together like 10 lbs of sh*t in a five lb bag, but it’s new enough I don’t have to work on it yet. Lotsa lawyer-inspired anti-lawsuit switches. Nice bike.

  19. death1799 says:

    like i give a shit were on the internet if you can read it its good enough you old peice of shit.. is that good or are you to fucking retarded to read it? your fucking ignorant

  20. hoohoohoblin says:

    The demographic challenge Buell faced was that younger riders wanted the fastest bike, with 150 hp and top speeds over 170. This bike can’t do that. And the old guys wanted cruisers, so Buells weren’t selling well. It’s terrible that Harley pulled the plug on Buell right after they finally had a real superbike in the 1125R. Grammar tip: Try capitalization, periods, and learn the difference between your and you’re when calling someone an idiot. Otherwise you look like the idiot.

  21. death1799 says:

    so that makes it an old mans sportbike? i think not just cause your the one old fuck that rides it dont mean its an old mans bike..

  22. hoohoohoblin says:

    Actually, I’m an Old F****ing Idiot. 

  23. death1799 says:

    an old mans sport bike your a fucking idiot

  24. hoohoohoblin says:

    I also marvel at what a great all-around motorcycle it is every time I ride it. It’s really too bad Harley-Davidson shut Buell down. If more people knew how much fun Buells are to ride and how functional they are, they’d still be making them. And right now they’re CHEAP! I suspect they’ll become classics in the next 10 or 15 years. I’ll keep riding mine to show people that once long ago there were sporty motorcycles made in America.

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