250cc Street Legal 3/4 Chopper Motorcycle Review – CountyImports.com – 877-868-5828

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8 Responses

  1. FourthWallAirsoft says:

    could you change the speedometer to km/h? because I am Canadian and I want to buy this but I have some concerns

  2. CountyImportsdotCom says:

    – I just listed it in the description. Thank you.

  3. Atley05 says:

    I cant find this bike on your website.

  4. danygenio31 says:

    i meant tank my computer checkspell sucks.

  5. danygenio31 says:

    thanks for the reply, so the gas thanks is metal, but is also the gas thank cover made of metal ( the red painted side)

  6. CountyImportsdotCom says:

    – Which model, the one in the back ground? We can add it to the website for you if you like, just respond and Ill get on it. I wont have a video for it for a few weeks but its the same just a different gas tank for the most part and the rear fender is whole.

  7. danygenio31 says:

    when is the next video coming? I’m interested on buying one but I don’t know the description of the other model, what’s the difference?

  8. danygenio31 says:

    It looks great! where is the next video?

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