2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R Motorcycle Review

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25 Responses

  1. j93mazda says:

    i love my 09 zx6r to the death best thing i ever did in my life

  2. theofficalWildCard says:

    GOD I LOVE MY ZX6R! I ddnt realiz ppl liked em this much! haha man i pulled up and jaws dropped! no joke i thot i was just gettin an average bike!

  3. thekkl says:

    The only difference between the 600 and the 1000 on the road is that it’s a lot harder to keep in your powerband on the 1000 because it’s designed to go faster then you ever will go and it’s heavier so it wont handle as well.

  4. bigbradford69 says:

    …. anything bad to say…..

  5. BobDeesh says:

    i luv the color, its awsome!!!

  6. Mattletic says:

    woah woah woah woah….. you have to wait?

  7. MIT2004 says:

    its also the 2010 middleweight of the year and zx-10r is also best 1k bike of 2010

  8. KawabrunoII says:

    Paulo Nunes arranjou um bico

  9. mrek94 says:

    Like vormel :D

  10. racefit86 says:

    i have the same helmet!
    carbon fifre kicks serious ass!

  11. Fettmopps1991 says:

    20 Dollar

  12. amangoyal23 says:

    how much will this cost me in India..??
    any idea???

  13. rheaMDC21 says:

    —- 2009 zx-6r is the middleweight sportbike of the year.

  14. BCD636R says:

    Kawi has been trying to play catch up with the other Jap-3 since the disappointing 07-08 ZX6R. Basically what your seeing here is a 599cc motor that meets the HP of the 05-06 636, with far better suspension. I own an 05, and have ridden an 09…and it is, indeed, badass.

  15. YAMASAKIZUKI says:

    true i need on to ride to school and back but cant afford the insurance because of the idiots that get bikes for racing and doing stunts so now i have to wait til income tax more or less

  16. YAMASAKIZUKI says:

    the zx6 won the best vike of 09 this year

  17. steady2wheels says:

    because there are people that pose and then people that actualy ride as oppose to having a fashion accessory

  18. xxbigpimpin6969 says:

    whats first on the street? how does the 2009 zx6r compare to the 2009 cbr 600 and r6?

  19. marknowhereman says:

    damn! I would trade my GIXXER for this bike if there is a CHANCE!

  20. YAMASAKIZUKI says:

    its funny how honda, suzuki, and yamaha guys dis kawaski yet the pros say the have the best stuff for street half the time like brakes i prefer better breaks compared to power

  21. YAMASAKIZUKI says:

    blah youll love it better with a yoshi full exhaust on it lol

  22. Likhi says:

    i think it’s the otherway around

  23. DeleeP says:

    Gosh i love the sound of a 600.

  24. yamahasbk88 says:

    i wish kawasaki made the headlights less aggressive looking..

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