Harley Davidson FXR FXLR Low Rider Motorcycle Review Video

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  1. hoohoohoblin says:

    Thanks! You’re right about the weight. The new Big Twins are a lot heavier, and the new Sportster is only 50 pounds lighter than my old FXR.

  2. stirlingshire says:

    I enjoy your videos. I have owned a 1989 fxrs-sp for the past ten years and the only things that have had to be replaced or repaired are the tires and the voltage regulator( oil and filter, of course)and I believe one battery. The weight of these bikes is worth noting. Considerably lighter than Harley’s current line up of big twins and only a few pounds heavier than the newer sportsters. I believe the pre 1990 models also have more horse power than post ’90 models due to tightening emissions.

  3. hoohoohoblin says:

    Cool. I’m glad I’m helping people understand what Harleys are and aren’t. The FXR is a great all-around motorcycle.

  4. lodevc says:

    thanks for the review! I’ve been riding KTM Adventures for a while but always dreamed of a Harley, I wasn’t sure about their reliability but your video convinced me 🙂

  5. hoohoohoblin says:

    You’re welcome.

  6. MrDjh66 says:

    Thanks for the help hoohoo

  7. hoohoohoblin says:

    I think it will fit. I looked in the J&P Cycles catalog, and they show a points cover described as fitting 1970-99 Shovelhead and Evolution big Twins.

  8. MrDjh66 says:

    Does anyone know if a shovelhead points cover fit my 1990 fxrs evolution

  9. hoohoohoblin says:

    Welcome to the club. It’s a really functional daily driver and looks pretty good too.

  10. 420rust1d says:

    Just bought my first HARLEY!! 94 Dyna Low Rider CAN’T GET ME OFF OF IT!!!!!!!  Ride 100 miles a day to work & then 400 to 500 miles on the weekend, just for fun!!!!! LOVIN HARLEY!!!

  11. hoohoohoblin says:

    They’re reliable beasts, so there isn’t too much to look at. Make sure you test drive it at freeway speed to see if the rubber engine mounts are worn out. It should be pretty smooth when you rev it up. I paid $4,800 for mine on eBay in 2008 in California, but I think they’re selling for more than that now. 40K miles is pretty low, and it should be good for another 60 if the person took care of it. Make sure you adjust the primary chain and change all fluids if you buy it.

  12. fireworkstube says:

    Looking at a possible 1991 FXRs. Anything to look? It’s got progressive rear shocks, possibly a/c, and drag pipes. Also, has 40Kms on it which seems seriously low!

  13. hoohoohoblin says:

    Models after 1990 use a Keihin CV carb. Earlier Harley Davidson FXRs use a Keihin non-CV carb.

  14. knucklesandbones says:

    what kind of carb is original on the fxr?

  15. hoohoohoblin says:

    Harley did a great job with the Softtail motorcycles when they put in an engine that doesn’t vibrate. It’s good to hear from Harley riders who use their bikes as real-world transportation. Harleys are reliable, efficient, and comfortable in addition to the other reasons people love them.

  16. gonebajongas says:

    I ride ten hours in the saddle per day on my softail Deuce on any road you can find, superslab or twisties in the hills. What a thrill and sooo comfortable. Plus Harleys are like a 1962 Corvette, beautiful and real steel. Not a road racer replica but who wants one of those? Harley is hard to beat at legal speeds and all day rides. I have my Deuce set up to handle great (better bars, seat, pegs, perfect alignment etc) and it steers better than my Suzuki SV650!

  17. fxrslowrider1340 says:

    I have owned Harleys for over 20 years, my current bike is 1989 Harley Davidson FXRs 1340 low rider, and l love it .
    I have done over 70,000 kms with out a problem, big rides up to 1000,km aday have been done on this bike and its competely standard no fancey aftermarket bits on her , just had the Cam bearing changed as recommended after 50,000ks thats the only work that has been done to the motor, Go FXR, i will never sell it,,

  18. hoohoohoblin says:

    Once they took care of engine vibration by rubber mounting the engine, or with a counterbalancer on the softtails, Harley motorcycles became great all-around vehicles. I’ve noticed that as the cruisers from Japan all got bigger and heavier, Harleys stayed a manageable size, which makes them easier to ride and more practical for everyday use.

  19. 7yearstoday says:

    Nice video,and nice bike as well! To me it really is all about comfort.I just bought a fat boy last year,and I have to say it is the most comfortable bike I’ve ever had. You can’t beat a Harley when it comes to a smooth ride.

  20. delo1960 says:

    Nice job…..

  21. hoohoohoblin says:

    Thanks. It really is a great bike for medium to long trips, and pretty good around town too. Comfortable and reliable.

  22. Boabiegringo says:

    Good review, don’t know much about these but i’d certainly consider one if i was looking for a big cruiser now. Cheers.

  23. rustyrims05 says:

    I’ve looked at your guzzi before when I was trawling around the web. You’ll know about the parking brake.I’ve got the lower frame sections on my G5

  24. hoohoohoblin says:

    We like the same things! I sold my Moto-Guzzi V1000 Convert to pay for the Harley. You can see my Guzzi on my website if you search Google for “hoohoohoblin moto guzzi” I also sold a BSA A65 Lightning project bike to pay for the Harley. I do miss the Guzzi sometimes, but the Harley is a great all-around motorcycle you can ride every day. To see the new owner of my Guzzi, search youtube for “The 1st annual los angeles motorcycle push” It broke down on him and he had to push it.

  25. rustyrims05 says:

    I’ve sold my Ducati and I’m selling my ’62 BSA A65, several kawasakis and my daft Enfield 535 Lightning (snigger) to fund my FXR purchase. I’m not selling my Guzzi though, and by the way, Guzzi’s have the best side stands. Not only does mine lock, it applies a little mechanical caliper via a fulcrum and cable onto the rear disc. ‘Triffic. Good video mate.

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