2011 Victory Cross Roads Motorcycle Review

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  1. sbaldwinus says:

    @panterask8r14 it means the size of the engine, expressed in cubic inches of engine size.

  2. tnhammerrider says:

    I ride a Victory because I want to. If you want to ride a Harley, go ahead. If you want to ride a Metric bike, have at it. My stand is, ride what you got. Doesn’t matter what you ride, just ride something. All riders are my Bros.

  3. panterask8r14 says:

    I’m obviously no mechanic, but can someone explain to me what it means when a bike says “106 cubic inches”? Ect, ect..

  4. TheJeffduff says:

    @UltraSWG Harley is not an american bike anymore. everything is made outside the US.

  5. oeyesea says:

    My gripe about Vics isn’t really about the bike itself. It’s about the relatively small number of dealer locations and a lack of diversity in bikes. I guess I need to quit thinking in terms of Japanese bikes. Maybe more dealership will expand into dealing Vics & Indians since “Indian” has a kind of ghostly heritage to it–It’s more of a “brand”. I would buy a Vic if I didn’t have to drive all day to find a dealership.

  6. cfarless45 says:

    One would think that HD riders would appreciate people who want to have something different.  Doesn’t HD pride themselves in being different? Vic is as much American as HD. They just aren’t as old. The more I hear or read comments from HD riders bashing other bikes, the more I want to distance myself from HD. Safe riding.

  7. WatchToddPattison says:

    1,499 ? 1,699 ? I think you forgot to add the 5.99 at the end of those figures (14,995.99 & 16,995.99) and thats base prices before add-ons and aftermarket stuff. $500 for a windshield ? Really ! C’mon Man .

  8. UltraSWG says:

    @VictoryMetricBike Amazing. Parts made for a Harley don’t fit a Victory. And? Harley isn’t the only American bike.

  9. VictoryMetricBike says:

    @UltraSWG Then theres the aftermarket. Nothing that is made for Harleys fits a Victory. All of those 800-page catalogs from Drag Specialties, Bikers Choice, CCI, and others feature gazillions of parts and accessories, none of which fits Victories. Or any foreign bike. In this sense you could argue that in the Harley world a Victory is as foreign as a Kawasaki.

  10. 1973tucker says:

    Great bikes! I hear HD is opening a plant in India. HD is not all American made for you haters out there. As long as your knees in the wind, ride what you like.

  11. UltraSWG says:

    @LeftOverKlngPin Vic’s have 1″ bars, anyone can look that up. Harleys use metric fasteners too, from their Japanese Showa front ends, to their Italian Brembro brakes. Hell the V-Rod is a 100% metric Harley. Considering the fact that Victory uses more made in America parts than Harley, it is a more “American” brand. And the thread size and pitch does not determine who owns the brand. Victory and Polaris are American. Stop hating.

  12. LeftOverKlngPin says:

    @MustLovePoop Victory motorcycle has more in common with foreign bikes than it has with other American brands The American V-twins are all based on 1-inch handlebars and SAE nuts and bolts; the Victorys typically have 7/8-inch bars and metric fasteners. In fact, the parts made by the American V-twin companies have as much chance of fitting the Victory as they have of fitting Kawasaki or Yamaha motorcycles. In that sense only, the Victory is foreign to the V-twin market.

  13. MustLovePoop says:

    that is one huge unwieldy behemoth, a bastard of a bike that is at odds with it’s own nature of striving to be small, it’s like a buffalo trying to become a lion. Please review small bikes with a much smaller price tag.

  14. LeftOverKlngPin says:


  15. steady2wheels says:

    whoo proper sound!

  16. apricotsnms516 says:

    @bfmv580 maybe its platinum…

  17. bfmv580 says:

    @apricotsnms516 Nope, I think you’re right. 550!

  18. wickirsinn says:

    Much better clip – Besser geworden, der Clip - Ficou melhor agora o clipe!

  19. apricotsnms516 says:

    $550 for a windshield????? my car’s cost $150! installed! maybe i heard it wrong because their mic is horrible!

  20. AlwaysWishing1983 says:

    Thumbs up for uploading again to fix sound!

    I think I said on the other video that I liked this one better. It’s like Cross Country went on a diet and now is sleek. I think I’d leave the shield off. I’m use to bikes with out it. One great looking bike. Love the lines.

  21. 1IdeaAhead says:

    FIRST!!! Thanks for fixing the video… looks like a comfortable ride.

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