2009 BMW G650GS Motorcycle Review

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32 Responses

  1. cealtun says:

    fuck abs.. you can feel it there isnt even a brake system if you ride it.

  2. cealtun says:

    @CrazyHorseRunningBat than sell ur mum to buy it u poor bastard.

  3. njd2389 says:

    @BillieBobSmith It’s a thumper.

  4. CrazyHorseRunningBat says:

    I was talking to the BMW salesman and when he told me the price I farted.

    Really loud.

  5. Pyr0Maniac01 says:

    Looks like I buy one next summer

  6. PeteyK473 says:

    WOW ,read all the comments,questions,and confusion…The BMW F 650 gs shown is the single cyl. machine that I happen to own,with 54000 km its never had any issues,the service is expensive ,yes.But do you go to your car dealership for every oil change? The seat height fits any-one, from 5.5 ft to 6ft 2.The reason is you can order a short,med, or tall seat ,and they can also shorten it by shock link change.This may cost 200 bucks,I dont know,but haggle with the dealer.Harley can TRY ,keep it home

  7. pacrat90 says:

    Would anyone really think that BMW, would leave the engines they put on their bikes to a bad quality chinese assembler? No. Exactly, BMW must have faith in the Chinese Assembler then. Which means they must be good, people, this is BMW.

  8. jackpizzo1 says:

    thats not a review its an advertisement

  9. flakoooo12 says:

    looks like a power ranger bike

  10. sirhcskoorb says:

    How heavy is it?
    Is the weight,is it another 400-500# er?

    Even a Harley could be ridden down the occasional dirt road, and ABS isn’t going to pick the bike up out of the mud when I’m 100miles from cell service.
    I understand that a dual sport of any brand will be a compromise, but what you compromise makes the difference.
    I don’t think heated grips will make me feel better after 10 miles of foot deep sand.
    Is BMW going to make guys like me a bike at some point?

  11. ssm80taurus says:

    Lowered clearence – is it ok on off-road?

  12. TheCloudhopper says:

    While you aren’t entirely wrong, you aren’t right either. I’ll explain 🙂

    The bike reviewed here is the 2009 US version of the G650 GS, which is indeed a kind of “re-release” of the old F650 GS. It’s called G650 GS, because the F650 GS is now the twin version. But essentially you are right, that bike in the review has been called F650GS from 2000 till 2008.

    Wonder if Akrapovic will release an exhaust for the G650GS, so that i can fit it to my Dakar 🙂

  13. tonimariechen says:

    its called f 650 gs

  14. fungus1977 says:

    Yeah, thats what i mean. the engine parts are all made in austria, then shipped to china, loncin, for assembly, then the completed engine is shipped back to germany for fitment to the bike.

  15. AlucardNosferatu666 says:

    I bought mine today and the engine is infact made in china but assembed in germany and is shipped from their to the other countrys…

  16. fungus1977 says:

    Have had mine for about a month now and its amazing. Couldnt be happier.  So glad they brought them back. I have no fear of the chinese engine. By the way its only assembed in china with components made in Austria. loncin, the company that does the assembly have a great reuputation and I wouldnt be surprised if other known manufactures use them for their assembly. Rumour has it that it saves us, the end user, about a thousand dollars.

  17. onefugowie says:

    parts are…but put together now in China

  18. simon44 says:

    @onefugowie I thought Rotax were built in Austria?

  19. simon44 says:

    This bike was discontinued in 2006/07 was it not? Or was that just in europe. Theres the newer F650GS now.

  20. allah211 says:

    @thefrostflyer hey that helps a ton cuz i couldnt find fuel economy for this bike but i was wondering if a taller person like myself (6 foot 1) could ride this bike comfortably? i have only ridden mopeds and dirtbikes and this is the coolest looking and most suitable bike out their for me, just wanted to know if id fit it ok, thanks.

  21. thefrostflyer says:

    Hi redouane2803

    I would say that if you are five feet six inches tall this would be a perfect bike for a novice. I am five feet four inches tall and I find the bike very easy and comfortable to ride. I have ridden the bike comfortable at 90mph on the highway and then gone off road for some sight seeing. I like the G650GS a lot. I am getting 70 mpg in combination ridding city/highway.

    Go for it have fun.

  22. redouane2803 says:

    Hi all,

    i m facinated by this bike ! easy to domainate as i m novice in the moto world, good looking…notanle brand…

    Can u tell me if it will suit my physical shape as i m 1m 68 tall (5’6″) ?

    Thanks for your advice

  23. thefrostflyer says:

    Why do people think that Chinese are not capable of building a motor? The quality control agents on the assembly line are from BMW. Any way given the proper equipment and opportunity a Chinese worker is as capable and probably more willing to build a damn fine motor than some malcontent from the UAW or any German union. SO =p

    My 09 G650 GS is running fine and I like it a lot. 7,000 on the odometer!

  24. onefugowie says:

    look into it people..Rotax Motor  but Mfg in China…

  25. hankgs says:

    I have had a 1100GS, 1150RT, 1200GS and now a HP2 1200 Megamoto… I test rode this latest 650GS and thought it was a blast! A perfect first bike, second bike or primary all around bike for experienced riders… Very entertaining to ride- had a smile on my face the entire time.

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